Pflugerville Roof Repair Company, Aurum Roofing, Launches Skylight Installation

Pflugerville Roof Repair Company, Aurum Roofing, Launches Skylight Installation

Jose Valdez, owner of Aurum Roofing, has added skylight installation or roof windows to their growing list of roofing services for their Pflugerville, Round Rock and Austin clients.

Aurum Roofing is a professional Pflugerville roofing company since 2005 providing roof repairs and replacements for residential homeowners and commercial businesses.

Jose Valdez, a second-generation roofer, has plenty of experience in installing and repairing skylights in Central Texas homes.

“Many of our clients choose to add a skylight because not only does add a way to allow more natural light into your home, they can save on energy costs over time. For instance, if there is enough light during the day, the need to flip the light switch on is lessened. It’s a one-time investment will not only bring instant, natural light, and often pays for itself in just a short matter of time,” said Valdez.

According to HomeAdvisor, based on a survey in 2017, the average cost across the US to install a skylight is just under $1600 and that fixed skylights are the most popular choice.

Valdez continued: “In addition to adding new skylights to a roof, we often find that when there is a need for a roof replacement, it’s a good time for a homeowner to have existing or leaking skylights replaced. Many clients ask us, do I need to replace a skylight at the same time we are replacing the roof? We’re already up there and when compared to the costs of coming back in a few years to pull them out and replace them, it’s at least a good time to have that discussion.”

Leaky skylights can cause damage. Valdez went on to describe some signs that would indicate that a skylight needs to be fixed or replaced.

“You want to look for open seams where the skylight meets the ceiling, water stains in the ceiling, lots of condensation on the unit, discolored or bubbling drywall and things like that. Of course, we can inspect the roof as well to provide repairs so the water and moisture do not continue to make things worse.

Armando, a recent client, reviewed Aurum Roofing said, “This company knows how to value its customers. From the beginning, Jose was professional, honest and trustworthy. He didn’t oversell and was not pushy into getting the job. He invited me to look at the damage for myself and communicated every step of the job. He made it seem more of a celebration with balloons outside the house and made sure his crew had a safe environment to work. Aurum has the best price in town! They installed a new roof,  several sections ridge vents and a solar panel fan. …very satisfied with the quality of work and would highly recommend Aurum to anyone.”

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