Phil Faris, Best-Selling Author and Host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio, Reveals How Women Over 50 Can Get Fit and Stay Fit on the Shawna K Show

Phil Faris, Best-Selling Author and Host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio, Reveals How Women Over 50 Can Get Fit and Stay Fit on the Shawna K Show
Faris shared his insights and experience on the Shawna K Show hosted by Shawna Kaminski. Shawna is an internationally recognized fitness professional, best-selling author, and her show provides women over 40 simple lifestyle hacks to regain their health and get their sexy back.

According to Faris, there are many ways women over 50 can get fit, but they must make themselves and their fitness a priority first! Faris, stated “Many of the women over 50 I talk to or see in the gym have put others first and neglected their own health and fitness. Raising a family and having a career has taken its toll. They’ve gained weight, lost strength and energy. Most importantly, they have lost confidence in how they look and feel about themselves. They must realize that there is hope and there are options for regaining the health and fitness they desire.”

Faris pointed out that 50 is when women’s age trajectory can start pointing down because of muscle loss, hormonal issues, arthritis and other chronic diseases. Fortunately, fitness can help women move their age trajectory in a positive direction. “At 50, women are still at an age when they can add muscle, increase mobility, and delay osteoporosis, diabetes and other chronic diseases,” explained Faris.

During the Interview, Faris described the most common mistakes or pitfalls women make is believing that cardio and light weights are the answer. Faris said, “Cardio isn’t bad. But your body adapts, and it requires more cardio to get the same benefits. Long steady state cardio can also lead to increased inflammation, boredom and still not help you reach your fitness goals. I suggest adding some high-intensity interval training or HIIT to get the heart rate up and rev up your metabolism.” Faris is an advocate of women doing strength training. He explained, “The biggest reason women don’t use heavier weights is intimidation and lack of confidence. They don’t know how to use machines or free weights, and they don’t want to injure themselves. Most women weren’t exposed to it growing up. Hiring a personal trainer or coach is a great way to overcome these issues.”

The interview concluded with Faris saying “I think that it is essential for women over fifty to ask themselves this question: How long do you plan to live and what quality of life do you want to have during that time? If your body won’t let you live the life you want, make the changes now so you can.”

Phil Faris is the host of Never Too Late for Fitness Radio, best-selling author of the book, Never Too Late! 21 Strategies to Reclaim Your Fitness After 50 and a Boomer health advocate who is committed to helping people over fifty discover the right fitness and lifestyle solutions so that they can lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

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