Relationship Marketing Specialist Deb Brown Hosts Virtual Client Loyalty Summit to Help Professionals Turn Relationships into Revenues

Relationship Marketing Specialist Deb Brown Hosts Virtual Client Loyalty Summit to Help Professionals Turn Relationships into Revenues
Relationship Marketing Specialist Deb Brown will be hosting a virtual Client Loyalty Summit on August 27-31, 2018. Due to the virtual nature of the summit, participants can join from the comfort of their own homes and offices. This summit is designed specifically to help small business professionals understand the different factors that influence client loyalty so they can implement these strategies in their businesses.

One of the featured speakers, John Ruhlin of The Ruhlin Group, noted, “Most businesses are like a bucket with a bunch of holes in it and don’t realize how much they are losing. They spend way too much money on client acquisition and take for granted their warm market. The Client Loyalty Summit shares best practices from industry leaders to help patch the holes in that bucket.”

Other speakers for the summit include experts, authors, coaches, and consultants like Dave Bricker of StorySailing, Teri Johnson of Keeping It Personal, Dr. Paul White of Appreciation at Work, JoAnna Brandi of Return to Happiness, and Stephen M. R. Covey of FranklinCovey. The summit will include interviews with sixteen authorities plus a roundtable expert discussion about tribalism, daily Facebook Lives sharing summit highlights, and drawings for over $700 in prizes donated by the speakers.

Each day of the Client Loyalty Summit features a new client loyalty theme:

  • Day 1 – August 27, 2018: KNOW: Increasing Client Intimacy
  • Day 2 – August 28, 2018: LIKE: Appreciation Builds Loyalty
  • Day 3 – August 29, 2018: LIKE: Increase Client Engagement
  • Day 4 – August 30, 2018: LIKE: Pay Attention to Details
  • Day 5 – August 31, 2018: TRUST: Slowly Built and Quickly Lost

Through participation in the summit, registrants will discover how to use appreciation strategically, build client intimacy, incorporate gamification, create a powerful onboarding strategy, deliver concierge-level service, use gifting more effectively, and produce loyalty-building events.

In discussing the virtual summit, Brown added, “Client loyalty is an issue for which corporations pay big bucks to bring in experts to teach their employees how the corporation can change their business practices to get more customer loyalty because of the long-term payoff and ROI. However, no one is talking about this issue for the small business owner or solo professional. In these interviews during this summit, my hand-picked experts will unveil the secrets of customer loyalty that corporations have used for years. If you register for the summit, you can now use these big corporate secrets to grow your business, get more revenues, and increase your client retention.”

Deb Brown, summit host, has an uncanny ability to understand the world by putting herself in other people’s shoes, and she uses that gift to build relationships in business. As the President of Touch Your Client’s Heart, Brown works with business owners who want to build better relationships and never let an important contact slip through the cracks. She speaks to groups of business owners on how to stay in touch and create word-of-mouth goodwill in the marketplace.

There is no cost to register to attend this summit, and participants may attend all the interviews or just select events. To register for the Client Loyalty Summit, please visit


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