Research Shows Tech Industry Growth Hampered by Chronic Lack of Support for Female Executives

As more females enter science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, recent studies suggest they maybe be unable to find resources and support for internal struggles that directly affect their ability to thrive in the corporate world.

“Women in tech industries face drastic challenges in a variety of areas,” according to Sarah Prince, a business leadership trainer and mental wellness mentor who provides coaching and personal development services for women. “There are co-worker relations, career advancement, general family and personal care issues, financial burdens, and many mental and emotional stressors women deal with on a daily basis.” 

Prince’s research shows that 76% of women surveyed were considered chronically stressed at work, with stress contributors equally divided among three key categories: health, finances, and relationships or communication issues. Two-thirds of women surveyed reported that they struggled daily with feeling like they are not being or doing enough – even though they are successful high-performers.

“What’s interesting is that these women are already gifted and have skillsets and work ethics that go far beyond what many women achieve in their lifetimes,” Prince says. “But the environment hasn’t supported or acknowledged their success.” 

Prince also found that half of the women she surveyed reported some form of family stress caused by work. “Wanting to spend more time with family is a never-ending issue for women at work,” observes Prince.

To address the specific needs of women in the tech industry, Prince created the “SP5” program to help women find positive strength and emotional support at work. “The exciting thing is that many more corporations are becoming aware of the need for mental wellness in their business leadership programs,” Prince says. “The SP5 program fits this need.”

Prince’s SP5 program can be conducted in a group setting over the course of a few days with the key women in the organization, or it can be personally tailored as one-on-one coaching with female leaders.

“Sarah Prince is a passionate and confident speaker,” says Craig Clifford, who attended one of Prince’s recent talks. “Her enthusiasm drew me in immediately, and when she relates her personal experiences she’s very candid, and it makes the whole audience pause and reflect on the lessons she’s learned.”

“Our goal is o support women in the tech industry by providing them the tools and life skills they need,” Prince says. “When women feel happier, less stressed and more energetic at work, the organizations they manage become more productive and profitable.” 

Sarah Prince is a business leadership trainer, mental wellness mentor, life strategist, and personal development coach for those wanting to get more out of their life. She helps driven people increase their awareness to a level that truly brings them the joy they have been seeking all along.

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