Sara O. Speicher Co-author of the Best Selling Book, Bold: Helps Entrepreneurs Work Smarter

Each step in Speicher’s journey from being an internationally recognized NCAA Division 1 Athlete to corporate employee to entrepreneur and mother has provided her with valuable insight and experience that she has been able to put to use for her clients. The idea for Speicher’s business, VBM Pro, came to her while she was an employee. The owner of the company she was working for wanted to take the business to the next level and brought in outside consultants to help. The consultants did an exhaustive analysis and provided a two-hour PowerPoint report and a book of suggestions then left. The report ended up in a drawer and the overwhelmed business owner never implemented the growth plan.

Speicher says “At that point, I remember saying to myself that when I was in a position to consult, I will also make sure I can be there for the clients to guide them through implementing all the changes or to simply provide the service for them.”

“We consult (provide recommendations, devise strategies, plans, templates, etc.); we act as accountability partners when our clients want to do the work on their own; and we provide hands-on, done-for-you services so our clients can focus on their strengths, revenue-generating activities, and their lives.”

“You (Entrepreneurs) have every opportunity to make it happen, to reach your goals, live your dreams…but doing so successfully will require a lot of focus, discipline, confidence and a team”

Speicher, in her new Best Selling book “BOLD” co-authored with Les Brown and 11 other authors, discusses the success factors of Drive and Support in a chapter titled, There is an “I” in Team! She describes how entrepreneurs who are working hard can learn to work smarter to avoid jeopardizing their business by stretching themselves too thin and how to create a support team.
She goes on to explain, “You are at a great disadvantage as a business owner that prevents you from focusing on revenue-generating activities because you are multi-tasking, wearing different hats and working with an unskilled team.”

Speicher isn’t the only expert saying that, a recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers revealed that poor execution costs US businesses anywhere between 50 and 150 billion dollars every year.

She went on to explain, “Our prospects want to have more time and be more effective in how they manage their business so they can actually see more clients coming in, close more sales, make more money and have more freedom to enjoy their lives. So they are are most likely to try to automate their processes. With marketing, for example, they will check out and try to learn numerous templates and tools that would make it easier to stick to their strategy, to cross off their marketing to-do list… HootSuite is one of the most popular DIY tools for scheduling social media updates that also allows you to monitor activities on numerous platforms…

But unfortunately, even with the help of those automated processes, the majority of entrepreneurs still won’t see the results: it’s like having a gym membership, but unless you work out regularly, adjust your lifestyle, you won’t see any results…”

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T. Allen Hanes

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