Sarah Brigid Brown, a Co-Author in “Evolving on Purpose,” Shares Valuable Secrets on Mastering a Purposeful Life and Avoiding a Life Running on Auto-Pilot”

In today’s world, self-doubt, exhaustion, fear of the future…and many other feelings of being completely overwhelmed in life have become more common than those of clarity and focus. Navigating through a worldwide pandemic, and embracing it as the new normal, has also added to higher levels of stress for many individuals. This is exactly why Sarah Brigid Brown began her coaching business, So Free, in 2016. After one of the many wake-up calls she’s had, Sarah decided that she needed to do something for herself and utilize the gifts she’d always known she had. This led her to training to become a performance coach, where her focus was on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Known by many as a rebel with a soft heart, Sarah pivoted to get her own life back on track after dealing with years of self-doubt and she formed a company that would ultimately be a blessing for countless others. 

Today, Sarah is a bilingual life transition coach, qualified EFT Practitioner, Performance Coach certified in NLP, IET Practitioner, New Paradigm MDT Master Practitioner, and a Singing Bowl Sound Therapist. Sarah has a passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom to help sensitive, empathetic men and women over 40 to develop confidence, balance their energy and emotions, and become happier people as a result. She accomplishes this by accompanying these individuals on a journey to heal their past, reconnecting them to their inner child, and teaching them to love themselves enough so that they are ready to build a brighter, more fulfilling, future for themselves. What Sarah loves more than anything is letting her intuition guide her towards the methods that best serve each client.


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