Wedding Businesses In Select Markets To Co-Author New Amazon Book For Their Area Benefiting Charity

Mark Imperial, Founder of Remarkable Radio and Press confirmed he has officially started interviews to feature local area Wedding Businesses and Venues in a new book series of Wedding Guides for local areas and popular wedding destinations benefiting charity.

Imperial explained, “Because weddings are coming back stronger than before Covid, I’m committed to help areas across the country rebound and establish a strong comeback. For example, we just began interviewing wedding businesses for the book titled ‘The Ultimate Pocono Wedding”, which will feature spotlight interviews with DJ Services, Venues, Breweries, Wineries, Photographers, Videographers, and other wedding businesses that make Pocono Weddings great. This will be a terrific book to attract couples, and at the same time, also make these businesses stand out as experts in their field, which will help the couples choose these vendors and venues. We will create a unique book for other wedding markets.”

Adam Skuba, who is a co-author of the Pocono edition explained how he is choosing Pocono wedding businesses for the book by saying, “We are in a destination market, and we deal with a lot of couples from New York City, the Philadelphia area, and all over, looking for something a little bit different. I’m reaching out to these folks because I know that they have a firm grasp of what couples coming to the area are looking for and things that they want that are unique to the Pocono area. So we’re looking at caterers, we’re looking at photographers, looking at videographers, planners, cake decorators, people that host receptions, wineries, breweries — we’re looking at all these unique kinds of locations that make the Poconos what they are, a tourist destination, and really focus in on these people and what they have to offer and why someone that is planning a wedding in the Poconos should consider using their services or their business.”

Imperial states, “The charity will benefit from being featured in the book for direct donations, the publicity, and media coverage that results, along with a pledge of 100% of the retail royalties.”
“Being featured as a co-author of a book like this puts these businesses at the top of the list.” Imperial continued, “Each wedding professional will be registered as an author of the book on Amazon, which appears in search when their referrals or prospects look for vendors. Books on Amazon rank strongly on Google, and it’s no secret being a Published Author offers many distinct advantages.”

Wedding businesses who are interested in participating in this stress-free project benefiting charity can learn more and apply at:

Imperial said, “For the wedding businesses chosen to be included in the book, we simply ask for a small contribution to overhead to help cover their own chapter’s editing, layout design, publishing, and a split of the media release costs. Ten businesses splitting the overhead makes it a nominal investment and a terrific accomplishment for all involved.”

This series is scheduled for release within 60 to 90 days, just in time for the New Year wedding planning rush.

Imperial went on to describe the benefits of participating in this book by saying, “From the publicity around this book, we anticipate a lot of exposure around the project, for both the charity and the Wedding Businesses we select to feature. Our readers get great information, our charity gets much-needed exposure, and our participants get published in print, appear on our radio program, and get excellent exposure for their wedding businesses in the news.”

Wedding Businesses who are interested in participating in this stress-free project benefiting charity can learn more and apply at:


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