Peak Performance Coach Launches Flow State Coaching Program To The World

The overall goal of the launch is to bring flow and peak performance coaching to a much wider audience and not just an elite few.  Flow state research and training has been conducted by various corporations, universities, and military organizations around the world for decades.  Most of these organizations are attempting to use flow state training to raise their employee’s and team members’ level of productivity, problem-solving, creativity, and other metrics, too far higher than normal levels of success.

What is flow? Flow is scientifically defined as an optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best.  It is your moments of rapt attention and total absorption, where you get so focused on what you are doing that everything else just seems to vanish. 

Lechtenberg stated, “I have been using and teaching flow state enhancement methodologies of over twenty years because it is incredibly powerful in helping myself and my clients attain heightened levels of productivity, increasing learning speed, and reducing anxiety.  I have not found the level of learning and productivity increases that flow state training provides in other types of training systems.”

Since its launch, Lechtenberg’s program has been adopted by the Murray Utah, Chamber of Commerce, various martial arts schools around the United States.   He has also begun talks with local law enforcement agencies, and others.  Additionally, Lechtenberg is working with the global non-profit foundation CONNECT Universe to help their organization bring flow and peak performance training around the world.

The founder of Connect Universe, and former advisor for eight U.S. Presidents, Sam Beard stated, “In my lifetime I have had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from around the world and Brett Lechtenberg is one of them.  I love to collaborate with Brett on big ideas because he helps me get into flow.”

Lechtenberg recently completed an intensive six-month program through the Flow Research Collective where he worked directly with Ph.D.’s in peak performance, flow state augmentation, neuroscience, and psychology.  His goal was to learn from, and collaborate with, other top experts in the world and have an independent team review a sample of his work.

“The study material, support, and coaching by the team at The Flow Research Collective were extraordinary.  My mentor, who helped me complete the course work and my paper, was Dr. Brent Hogarth.  I could not give high enough praise for Dr. Hogarth’s help and guidance when developing my thesis.” Lechtenberg explained.

Lechtenberg submitted his final thesis, also known as a Magnum Opus, to the team at the Flow Research Collective and received a very favorable review.   The thesis is titled, Utilizing Flow States To Enhance Human Learning And Skill Acquisition – How the challenge/skills balance affects personal flow states, learning rates, and skill retention under stress.  The thesis and its review are available for free as a download on Lechtenberg’s personal website. 

For more information about Brett Lechtenberg’s flow state and peak performance program you can go to or call 801-947-1010.  

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