Stop Living a Life Run by Anxiety – Dr. Russell Kennedy, the Anxiety MD Shares Strategies that Work

In today’s world, anxiety has become more common than healthy living. Navigating through a global pandemic, and all that it has brought to the world added on top of what was already here can be quite burdensome for many. It’s no wonder that the number of individuals dealing with stress, depression, chronic worry, and anxiety has rapidly increased to all-new levels. So, it is a welcome solution to know that a doctor who treats these issues has also endured the struggles of anxiety and knows the way out!

Dr. Russell Kennedythe author of Anxiety Rx, and known as The Anxiety MD, is a neuroscientist, a medical doctor with Master’s level training in Developmental Psychology, a corporate speaker since 1999 with the National Speakers Bureau, a yoga and meditation teacher (RYT-200) along with being a stand-up comedian since 2000. Dr. Kennedy understands much more about anxiety than most. As a child, living in a home where his father dealt with schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses provided an environment of high stress, ultimately leading the doctor to years of  anxiety.

In order to escape the pain, Dr. Kennedy experimented with non-traditional healing methods, such as ayahuasca and other psychedelics, after recognizing that traditional methods rarely worked. Administered in safe and controlled environments, it was through the alternative approaches that he was able to discover unique strategies and ultimately develop powerful healing techniques to share with others dealing with unbearable mental health conditions. Dr. Kennedy’s mission became to ensure that no one else would have to needlessly suffer from the anxiety that he struggled with for decades.

Through a great deal of research, Dr. Kennedy has come to the profound conclusion that anxiety is much more a function of physiology than it is of psychology. Plainly put, anxiety results from  unresolved (typically from childhood), emotional energy that is trapped within the body. As the body is the representation of the unconscious mind (where all the old trauma is stored),  Dr. Kennedy has developed courses, programs, events, and digital platforms to help alleviate these deep issues, allowing individuals to return to a healthy state of mind and more peace-filled daily existence.

Dr. Kennedy’s comprehensive list of resources enables a potential alternative to those treating chronic worry and anxiety with medications, enabling them to  choose the method that works best for both their learning style and schedule. His programs are convenient, relatable, and most importantly proven to work! These methods include:


  • The Anxiety MD YouTube channel: No longer do individuals need to feel trapped in their anxiety and wait for an appointment. Dr. Kennedy shares proven techniques and useful strategies for his online following. Issues he addresses include: Worry Series which dives into where worry comes from, why people with anxiety use it to distract from the ‘fight’, and how to find relief. Dr. Kennedy uses both humor and detailed strategies to guide his viewers to a new, more peaceful reality.
  • @theanxietymd on Instagram: Everyone’s favorite Emotional Trauma Surgeon provides quick tips, quotes, and links for helping busy individuals stay on track mentally and emotionally. 
  • Anxiety Rx book: This powerful book, available in paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook, is a must-read for anyone desperately wanting to leave their anxiety in the past by embracing new ways of thinking and being.
  • Clubhouse: @theanxietymd offers a strong presence on the latest social media audio app platform to provide his knowledge of anxiety and helpful remedies to conquer it.


It’s time to understand why and where anxiety begins. With the variety of resources to choose from, presented by someone who has been there and has regained clarity and joy, it is possible to restore a sense of peace once and for all.





Dr. Russell Kennedy is the author of the award winning, #1 Amazon bestselling book, Anxiety Rx. He is a neuroscientist and medical doctor who graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Kennedy has Master’s level training in Developmental Psychology from the Neufeld Institute and is a corporate speaker and a yoga and meditation teacher (RYT-200). Additionally, Dr. Kennedy, widely known as The Anxiety MD, has been a stand-up comedian since 2000, an attribute that most certainly sets him apart from other MDs and one might imagine enables him to have a highly adored bedside manner. 

Dr. Kennedy suffered from severe anxiety as a child which prompted him to pursue a career in medicine that would enable him to help others avoid a life of pain. Today he has developed a variety of courses and programs that help individuals gain answers that ultimately allow them to live a more balanced life, free from chronic worry and debilitating anxiety.


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