Stop Living a Life Run by Anxiety – Dr. Russell Kennedy, the Anxiety MD Shares Strategies that Work

In today’s world, anxiety has become more common than healthy living. Navigating through a global pandemic, and all that it has brought to the world added on top of what was already here can be quite burdensome for many. It’s no wonder that the number of individuals dealing with stress, depression, chronic worry, and anxiety has rapidly increased to all-new levels. So, it is a welcome solution to know that a doctor who treats these issues has also endured the struggles of anxiety and knows the way out!

Dr. Russell Kennedythe author of Anxiety Rx, and known as The Anxiety MD, is a neuroscientist, a medical doctor with Master’s level training in Developmental Psychology, a corporate speaker since 1999 with the National Speakers Bureau, a yoga and meditation teacher (RYT-200) along with being a stand-up comedian since 2000. Dr. Kennedy understands much more about anxiety than most. As a child, living in a home where his father dealt with schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses provided an environment of high stress, ultimately leading the doctor to years of  anxiety.


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