Sexual Abuse Survivor, Anu Verma, Launches Online Community to Help People Move On from Their Trauma

Anu Verma is a survivor. She survived abuse as a child, years of post-traumatic stress, and, thankfully, her attempts to take her own life. She survived the journey her sexual abuse took her on, and now she dedicates her time to helping others do the same. As she says, “I’ve suffered from an identity crisis, near suicide, severe depression. I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this.”

In the new year, she is launching the Victim 2 Victor Facebook group. This will provide a safe space for fellow survivors to support and help each other to thrive. Sexual abuse survivors often have repressed feelings and difficulty communicating, and Anu knows first-hand how important these are to overcome. She also recognises how her Asian background played a role for her: “Sexual abuse is still a taboo topic which isn’t spoken about openly due to people feeling embarrassed”.

The Victor 2 Victim group will be a platform where there is no judgement, no shame, and no guilt. Instead, it promises love, trust, and harmony.

‘Victim 2 Victor’, also the name of Anu’s self-help guide/memoir and her podcast series, shows her mindset. Through these platforms, she has already reached thousands of people and now, having trained as a therapist, she hopes to do so on a more personal level:

“We will have live spiritual workshop sessions, healing & coaching sessions, as well as talks from experts and industry leaders. We will also have 1-2-1 Zoom calls where we will look at your life, your relationships, your goals, and work on ways to build your self-esteem and self-worth so that you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.”

Left unprocessed, trauma can lead to so many complications in life, particularly with health and relationships. Anu took years to get to where she is now and she knows that everyone’s journey is different. She hopes this group, this community of survivors looking to move on from their trauma, can give people hope that healing is possible.

The group will launch in January 2022:

In the meantime, you can find out more about Ms Verma through her website:


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