Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister Appeared On The Jacksonville Florida TV Show FIRST COAST LIVING – WTLV NBC 12 With Curtis & Haddie Giving Relationship Advice On August 7th, 2019, “Find Love With FCL”

Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister Appeared On The Jacksonville Florida TV Show FIRST COAST LIVING - WTLV NBC 12 With Curtis & Haddie Giving Relationship Advice On August 7th, 2019, "Find Love With FCL"
Shay Levister is not just a coach but a certified dating & relationship coach and NLP, RTT practitioner. What this means is that Shay was trained and studied a method that will help you achieve lasting results in the shortest amount of time possible. She is also training in hypnotherapy to amplify results in her clients. Levister proclaims, “If you want a change in your life, you must change the programming in your mind. Once you can do this, nothing is impossible! Hypnotherapy, NLP, and positive mind techniques help to accomplish this.”

In Shay ‘Your Love D.I.V.A.’s #1 Amazon Bestselling book The Science Of Attracting Love she shares her journey and the lessons learned while providing practical advice mixed with old school rules, the science of human behavior, and the Law of Attraction to help empower singles seeking true love to attract their soul mate without taking forever to do so. The new guide is a drastic change from many other dating advice books and is sure to produce positive results in your love life!

Levister uses her tremendous knowledge to offer relationship advice to men and women all over the world through her radio and television interviews, as well as her growing channel that features over 200 videos sharing her dating experience and expertise.

On the popular TV show, First Coast Living, “Get relationship advice from an expert! (FCL August 7th)” Shay, “Your Love Diva” shared some of the common patterns in male-female relationships and her 5-Step Program with Curtis and Haddie.

Shay Your Love Diva talked about, “How there are common patterns in male-female relationships that either lead to a happy, healthy relationship or a relationship of pain.” All of this and more are revealed in her Amazon #1 Bestselling Book, “The Science of Attracting Love”the first dating advice book to provide the science behind the advice while presenting it from a positive-energy point of view. The world of singles needs a metaphysical dating guide that helps single women attract healthy relationships while guiding them to avoid pitfalls.

Chapter 1. Getting Over Your Barriers

Chapter 2. Get Ready to Receive

Chapter 3. The Perfect Partner for You

Chapter 4. Preparing Yourself

Chapter 5. Avoiding The ‘Don’t Wanters’

Chapter 6. Married Men

Chapter 7. The Ivy League

Chapter 8. Securing Three Dates A Week

Chapter 9. The Dating Process

Chapter 10. Do Your Due Diligence

Chapter 11. Taking It To The Next Level Using Old School Rules

Chapter 12. The Magic Bullets

Chapter 13. You Have the Man

Chapter 14. Signs That He Is No Longer Feeling You

Chapter 15. Sex Education for a DIVA

Chapter 16. Creating Healthy, Promising Relationships

Chapter 17. Keep the Ball Rolling

Here are the 5 steps that Levister introduced on the TV show First Coast Living:

Step 1: Inner Transformation – the pathway to love begins within. Learn what is keeping you from love and heal it in the most inspiring way possible.
Step 2: Support System – identify and heal the source of your belief system that keeps you single or attracting destructive relationships!
Step 3: Outer Transformation – learn how to create the mindset, environment, and actions that effortlessly magnetize love to you.
Step 4: Remove Your Blocks – If you are still single, it means that some beliefs and behaviors are keeping you from true love. Shay will help remove these barriers so that you can receive the love that you deserve.
Step 5: Dating Process – If you’ve ever felt like you were driving at top speed in the dark while dating, you will experience the guidance and peace of mind Shay offers as she guides you around the pitfalls you want to avoid in the dating world.
Levister states, ” I will provide you with the direction, training, accountability, and support that you need to achieve the results you desire. No more running in circles all alone.

Through this process, Levister states that you will learn crucial lessons about:

• How to get over a break-up and start a new chapter in your love life

• How to break free from your mental barriers and self-destructive behaviors

• How to find men who match what you’re looking for

• How to communicate

• How to get a man to love you and commit to you

• And much more!

The system is designed unlike anything you will find elsewhere; it is based on proven human behavior and NLP principles.”

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