Small Businesses are Wasting Money By Copying Their Neighbors

Nitsan:  So tell me how have you brought an innovation to this problem?

Bob Salvas: in my consulting I have taken on, some people will say some controversial stands. I talk about the fact that number one deep discounting as I mention is the wrong way to go ,instead you should put the money into  a qualified retention program and number two  I also kind of bash advertising  general mass market advertising today , because in addition to deep discounting fever that seems to be spreading everywhere , people spend exorbitant amounts of money on advertising that does not work and we have thousands of marketing messages, think  about the number of channels  on TV and number of websites it just crazy how much advertising we are expose to. So people who are buying and paying monies for advertising are losing the battle. 

Nitsan: So what you’re saying is: a shift in investments to what works. And it works, actually, in areas where most people don’t expect it. 

Bob Salvas: Right! This is exactly what I tell my clients .There is three areas you need to focus on. My business model focuses on the three things: 

1. Online presence.  Every business must have an online presence which includes SEO website as well as the presence on social media. That is number one.

That is today advertising venture if you will, social media that has replaced traditional advertising. 

2. Is that need to communicate ultimately to their prospects and especially to their current clients, so that requires one to one communication which I recommend email and direct mail predominately in that model. 

3. To have a qualified retention program. 

Businesses that have taken this type of approach, this 123 approach have seen most success than others, and I think this is the new wave of looking at things. Social media is big and retention. Those two things are really the direction that business growth and business development is heading towards.

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Nitsan Gaibel

Author of 12 innovative books that market executives and professionals, Nitsan Gaibel is a business writer and speaker. He also partners with executives to turn around under-performing teams in corporations.