Something is Brewing between Redline and Hemisphere Coffee Roasters

Something is Brewing between Redline and Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
“We really discovered a shared passion that drives us for things that are rooted in tradition, things that are meaningful and real,” Jones says. “For Paul and his family, it’s about crafting great coffee and cultivating meaningful relationships with coffee farmers around the world. For our band, it’s about honoring the Appalachian culture, and crafting music that is honest, real, and hard-driving.”

That shared passion for craftsmanship and making a difference prompted Audie’s band to create a Jingle for Hemisphere Coffee Roasters which will be used to promote the company. Additionally, the idea was born to create a special coffee roast named for the band. The result is a private label coffee called Redline Roast which is now available for order. Gift packages with merchandise from Audie Blaylock and Redline are available.

Audie has played with some of acoustic music’s greats, including Jimmy Martin, Red Allen, Harley Allen, Lynn Morris, Michael Cleveland, and Rhonda Vincent. With his own band, Redline, Blaylock has earned International Bluegrass Music Association nominations and awards including Instrumental Group of the Year, Guitar Player of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year. Blaylock has also received a Grammy nomination. Since founding Redline, Blaylock has recorded five records, traveled to three continents, and nearly two dozen countries. The band is known for distinctive bluegrass songs and arrangements.

The Hemisphere business model helps small farmers and co-ops to become self-sustaining in some of the world’s most impoverished areas, including Thailand, Central America Haiti and Guatemala. With a degree in Theology and a background in both mission work music ministry, Paul Kurtz has traveled the world and seen firsthand the power of a job for people in poverty. In addition to offering fair pricing through direct business-to-business relationships, Kurtz helps to connect farmers with local resources in their own areas. The result provides an economic lift to the farmers, and the finest quality coffee products produced by the roastery, including the new Redline Roast.

The company’s relationship with coffee-growing communities is literally transforming lives. For example, there are currently 80 women in Thailand, formerly relegated to prostitution and sex trafficking, who are now securely employed by a coffee grower in the region. That farmer’s business is thriving through a direct trade relationship with Hemisphere Coffee Roasters.

“We’re not changing the world,” Kurtz says, “but for the farmers we contract with, we’re changing their world.”

Grammy nominated bandleader, Audie Blaylock and his group Redline are proud to be partnering with Hemisphere Coffee Roasters to make Redline Roast available. A stout blend of beans from Ethiopia and Thailand, Redline Roast is the newest flavor among Hemisphere’s ethically-sourced coffee. Special gift packages are available from Audie Blaylock and Redline that include coffee, a CD and T-shirt.

 “We’re thrilled to team up with a company that’s making a positive difference for people all over the world,” Blaylock says. “I know that folks who love coffee will really appreciate the quality of Hemisphere’s coffee, but more important, every purchase helps the company to continue doing good.”

 With the slogan, “God Coffee Doing Good,” HEMISPHERE COFFEE ROASTERS has developed a business model that benefits coffee growing communities around the globe. Recognizing that every bean is handpicked by real, living, breathing people who have hopes, fears and dreams, the company has developed deep relationships of trust with coffee producers around the world. Their goal is to not give hand-outs but instead focus on business-to-business direct-trade solutions that offer a hand-up to the producers and their communities. By helping farmers to be sustainable, the company is instrumental in community development that means jobs and security for many who may otherwise fall victim to poverty.

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