Stirling Corp. Acquires Website with Millions of Active eBook Readers

STIRLING CORP, a Digital Media Company, in Nevada, announced the acquisition of the digital assets of Paradise Publishers, Inc. This acquisition brings to Stirling Corp. 5,066,407 members, 73,327 paid VIP members, thousands of authors, tens of thousands of digital and Audiobooks, Over seventy thousand monthly downloads and over 3,200 new daily member signups.

“We are excited as this new acquisition, and ongoing capital commitment from our Pre-IPO offering will provide us with significant financial resources and the ability to successfully and quickly deliver on key strategies and goals,” said Warren Whitlock, CEO of Stirling Corp. The Free-eBooks site has often been ranked #1 by Google for “free eBooks” over the last decade, remaining in the top 5 despite regular changes in search algorithms.

The acquisition includes four high-traffic websites:

Stirling Corp’s acquisition includes Apple and Android Apps, social media accounts and a popular Facebook page.


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