Steve Rosenbaum Creator of The Flawless Followup System Receives Exceptional Reviews and Global Participation with Impactful Monday RoundTable

Steve Rosenbaum Creator of the Flawless Followup™ System Receives Exceptional Reviews with Impactful Monday Round Table

Steve Rosenbaum, creator of the Flawless Followup™ System, along with partners Chad Nicely and Chris Jenkins, teach businesses and consultants how to better market themselves and their businesses via an open Monday Round Table video meeting.

An idea originating from a different and also successful project led Rosenbaum and partners Nicely and Jenkins to this consistently growing, successful Round Table call held Mondays at 1PM EST via Zoom.

Couple this with the realization that many around the world struggle with similar situations and concerns, have similar interests and are seeking solutions, Rosenbaum stated: “we realized many were going through and dealing with much of what we had experienced throughout the course of our businesses and we were grateful to the state of today’s technology where we can all reach and help one another is fantastic.”

This call offers a chance for participants to interact with and leverage Rosenbaum’s and his partners’ years of experience. Rosenbaum shared: “It’s just that we went through much a long time ago and either figured ways around many of these similar obstacles and struggles or failed and got back up again and again and did whatever we had to do. Now we are helping others achieve success and hopefully helping them avoid the many pitfalls, challenges and more that could occur in their businesses. We are, all over the world, helping one another reach certain goals and solutions; those who are looking for the same answers to the same challenges. It’s amazing.”


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