Stewart Andrew Alexander Uses New Asynchronous Technology to Interview Leading Experts

Stewart Andrew Alexander, the Find, Trust & Choose Guy welcomes a group of leading marketing experts in one of the first asynchronous interviews to grace the internet.

Listen to how these thought leaders make sense of the current landscape, and connect the elements, platforms, and tactics that constitute their best tips for positioning a business as the obvious choice for their ideal audience.

Shola Abidoye, “Using a two-step process to identify a strategy or solution you are uniquely qualified to bring to the marketplace and combining a particular problem you know how to solve with a very concise audience. “ 

Andy Henry, “Focus on why the way you’ve approached your solution will definitely address the problem your target audience has. It’s easy to create a solution to a problem, and many businesses often offer the same type of solution, so showing that you’ve taken a new and more effective approach to guarantee a good result can really help to be a key differentiator.”

Sammy Blindell, “The key to reaching into the hearts of your dream customers is to make your words, the product, the program, the membership, or whatever it is that you’re selling speak to them in a way that is their highest priority. If what you sell is not their highest priority, then you won’t end up selling it to them.”

Mark Imperial, “The number one marketing asset any business professional should have and create is their own published book. In today’s short attention span economy, people are looking for shortcuts. People don’t want to take the time to care who’s who and figure out what’s what? Your book becomes an instant shortcut that can define you in the public’s mind. And with a good book title, you’re telegraphing to the world what you stand for and who you are. And perhaps even who or what you defend against.”

Stephanie Miller, “Your online rating could be why your prospects choose you over the competition. It’s important to have a steady stream of current reviews. It’s even more important to respond to your good and not-so-good reviews because your response is not directed to the reviewer; it’s for everyone else who reads it. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to turn a negative review into a five-star opportunity.”

Algirdas Skinkys, “My go-to strategy and best step for positioning one’s business as the obvious choice for your ideal audience is building and showcasing successful user case examples based on solutions that were implemented earlier for another brand. Preferably they are well known so that the targeted audience can best relate to you.”

Heather, aka Nookie Clasu, “For me, it’s been all about authenticity. As I’ve grown and changed through the years, sharing my story and why I do what I do, the challenges I’ve faced when I’ve done it, and the heartbreaking, inspiring, and frankly just silly relatable stories make all the difference. Being who I am, allows me to connect with people, whoever they are, wherever they are in their journeys, and to celebrate their unique spirit while collaborating with them to create something greater.”

JC Soto, “The best way to position yourself as the obvious choice and authority are by educating your prospects and current clients. Things change, people get distracted, and as business owners, we get new products, ideas, and services, so we need to communicate that to our current customers and clients.”

Stewart Andrew Alexander, “Ensure that your business is published monthly in premium media releases. Media releases allow you to demonstrate your expertise through tips, advice, and insights that address some of the most common myths, misconceptions, and fears your ideal audience has to deal with daily. Just one or two quotes addressing those problems will position you in the hearts and minds of prospective clients who are looking for a professional to come in and solve the problems that they currently have.”


1:09 – Shola Abidoye 

4:36 – Andy Henry 

7:28 – Sammy Blindell 

9:50 – Mark Imperial 

11:45 – Stephanie Miller 

14:15 – Algirdas Skinkys 

15:42 – Heather Nookie Clasu 

17:44 – JC Soto 

18:19 – Stewart Andrew Alexander

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