HURRICANE IAN TELETHON – 3 Days – 36-Hours – Live Televised Event For Humanitarian Aid Amidst Devastation In Southwest Florida, Helping To Raise One Million Dollars

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Two-time International Bestselling Ignite author, Foundational Health Coach, and Floridian community leader Dr. Jo Dee Baer is hosting a three-day telethon on October 22nd and then November.17th -18th from noon to midnight ET time each day to raise money to provide aid to those in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian.

This live event will feature 80+ speakers and testimonials of hope; this three-day telethon aims to provide inspiration during dark times and create a beacon of hope for those affected by the hurricane. If you want to help those in need rebuild their lives after the devastation of Hurricane Ian, you are invited to attend the Hurricane Relief Fund Telethon and donate to the fund.

If anybody wants to take things one step further, they can help those in need as a speaker at the telethon to help inspire and Ignite the lives of others while directly supporting those affected by the hurricane. As an Ignite community member who knows the inspirational power of a story, we know your impact will Ignite others. This is an excellent opportunity to Ignite Humanity and use your skills as a speaker to help a good cause.

As a community of those who care about uplifting humanity, that mission starts with aiding others who genuinely need it. We can be that outstretched hand that others reach for to pick themselves back up after the disaster.

The telethon streams from noon to midnight ET on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Facebook, Flagler TV, and Channel 55 in Orlando. The goal of the telethon is to raise one million dollars for the relief fund.

Devastation In Southwest Florida

HURRICANE IAN, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the U.S., landed on Florida’s Gulf coast on Wednesday afternoon, September 23rd. Ian’s 150 + mph winds and heavy rains knocked out power, destroyed homes; businesses, and left death and destruction forever. The following staggering statistics are current, three weeks after this Natural Disaster off Epic Proportions. The first iteration of statistics is absolutely staggering and is only increasing by the day:

  • Estimated $75 Billion in Destruction
  • 2 million Floridians out of power
  • 1 million were displaced from their homes
  • Creating After numerous years of devastation and restoration

Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida, is still off the grid entirely with no Internet and Cell Service. It is estimated that upwards of 90% of Lee and Collier Counties were leveled to the ground. The series of Barrier Islands from Sanibel to Captiva and San Marco Islands is a trash heap of rubble. There were emerging pictures of abandoned pets malnourished and close to death because their owners misjudged Hurricane Ian’s enormity, chose to ‘ride out,’ and remained during the storm—only to be swept away to their deaths. Most small businesses are closed and facing years before reopening- If ever. Gainfully employed people also are without jobs because the companies they worked for are not operational or have been demolished as well. Although homeowners and businesses carry flood insurance, and the Federal and State Governments have mobilized, the demand is so great that relief is far from being fulfilled. Even flood insurance only covers a fraction of what needs to be replaced.

Soup Kitchens are being set up anywhere there is a road and a safe place to set up food temporarily. Lastly, with the majority of Florida’s population being Senior Citizens, those in their 80’s and 90’s are relinquished to community shelters for their precious few remaining years. As Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stated: “The resiliency of these Seniors is amazing, but their years are short. This is why ALL Floridians must act now.”

That’s why the private sector has now mobilized. Individual Citizens who care have banded together with vision, passion, and purpose to make a Difference. Motivational Speakers, Healers, Business Owners, and Government Officials come together for a 3 Day – 36-hour Televised and Virtual Event to bring INSIGHTFUL HOPE & INSPIRATION with Perseverance, Resilience, and Tenacity amid the STORM.

It has been inspiring to see the A-List Speakers include: Forbes Riley, JB Owen, Jay Noland, Dame Doria Cordova, Tom Chesser, Manny Lopez, Rex Sikes, Rev. Ben Graham, Byron Nelson, Christopher Rausch, Delatorro McNeal, Jose Flores, Cory Hughes, Stack the Pack, and Josh Payne—raising their hands to collaborate — with 80 Speakers and Testimonies of HOPE.

In addition, there will be riveting stories of local Southwestern Floridian resident victims sharing their harrowing experiences of both tragedy and triumph.

The time is NOW to impact the people affected by Hurricane Ian. There are several ways to ‘jump in’ and be the change that is so desperately needed.

Become a Sponsor within a Personal Business or Company—- And run an AD during the 24-hour Telethon.

Impact with a message of HOPE as a Virtual Speaker

  • Make a difference by donating: The ultimate end Goal is 1 million Dollars raised, which breaks down to 100,000 people giving only $10 each. Isn’t it worth ‘brown bagging’ one or two lunches this week?
  • Be a PART to Spread the WORD and awareness—Where people who have lost everything need something from so many. There will be an after-Event video of these charitable contributions by traveling to local individuals in Southwest Florida and delivering checks to those in need.

Become one of those Humanitarian Efforts in Hurricane Ian Support by:
Becoming a SPEAKER: Go to or

In this time of turmoil, uncertainty, and instability—It’s more important than ever that real people band together in one accord for a cause. This IS the cause, and the time is NOW.

Join the movement. View our Telethon. Give that digital currency. Change a life.

TO WATCH the October 22nd LIVE TELETHON, click on this YouTube Link:

Dr. Jo Dee Baer would like to thank Traverse TV, Denise Millett Burkhardt, and Trey Duplechin for the opportunity to broadcast this telethon live on the Traverse OTT, Live Streaming Platform
Channel 55.11- (Traverse TV Orlando} (Local CBS Affiliate) in Orlando, FL

Dr. Jo Dee Baer
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