TEDxHuntingtonBeach Event Inspires and Ignites a World of Possibility in Huntington Beach, California

Curated by Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Visibility Expert and bestselling author of “Are You Visible?”, TEDxHuntingtonBeach’s mission was clear: ignite the power of dreams and empower the community to believe in the potential of their ideas and aspirations.

Dr. Jamil, along with a dedicated team of community-based volunteers, including Erin Tran, Jeremy Clark, Ruben Perez, Monica Bloom, Tabby Biddle, Lacie Armstrong, Jason Cellars, Neil Wahi, Eleanor Kennedy, Fauziah Baharuddin and many more, worked tirelessly to make this event a reality.

The event would not have been possible without the invaluable support of sponsors who shared the vision of possibility, including Ms Jay Adams from Talbert Middle School, Eagle Summit Equity, My Yuko Journey, Christi Ahl, Lana Ivanov of Vonavi Pro, Jenny C Cohen, NovaDawn.AI, Kate Fessler, and David Luehr.

At TEDxHuntingtonBeach, 12 inspiring speakers took to the stage, sharing their unique ideas and insights. The diverse lineup included Selina López Hinojosa, Katya Davydova, Jay Winner, MD, Lisa Pezik, Laura Clancy, Jen Fontanilla, Anjani Amriit, Letitia Campbell, Jenn Adamson, Aiko Hemingway, Patricia Bartell, and Drew Lawrence. Each speaker offered a fresh perspective on the theme of possibility, leaving the audience with tangible lessons to create a world of limitless opportunities.


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