From Crutches to Crushing It: A Journey from Pain to Power – Patricia Bartell’s Inspirational Memoir and Guidebook Set to Launch in 2024

Patricia Bartell, a remarkable polio survivor who defied all odds to become an accomplished musician, business mentor, and motivational speaker, is set to launch her book, “From Crutches to Crushing It: A Journey from Pain to Power,” in 2024. 

This gripping memoir not only delves into Patricia’s transformative journey from challenges to triumphs but serves as an inspirational guide for readers. Beyond being a recount of her life, the book embodies her dedication to empowering individuals, especially entrepreneurs and professionals, teaching them to leverage their unique narratives and “Crush It” in both their personal and professional endeavors.

“From Crutches to Crushing It” chronicles the life of Patricia Bartell, a third-world orphan girl and polio survivor who was brought to America and raised among 18 siblings on a farm in rural Montana. Patricia received no special dispensations for her inability to walk but found her escape through music. 


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