NFN8 Media, the Texas Financial Technology Holding Company that recently rolled out its unique data center sale/leaseback strategy, has again broken new ground in the Blockchain Mining Business. This time it’s by experimenting with a new device that recaptures and repurposes the massive amount of heat energy produced by the computer systems that create coins and validate transactions.

The company already has a nontraditional business plan. They do not offer any interest in the company by using an IPO, Convertible Note, Stock Ownership, or a Security of any kind. They do offer to sell individuals 100% of the computer equipment used as the infrastructure backbone of the new blockchain financial system. The purchaser buys the computer system. The company procures and assembles it, then loads it with software and places it in company-owned, on-shore, secure data centers, right alongside the company owned equipment. The exciting part is, that the same day the equipment is purchased by the individual, the company arranges a five-year lease of the equipment. Everything is completely managed for the purchaser, and the monthly lease payment equals over 40% of the purchase price on an annualized basis.

One of the company innovations is the “data box” which is a proprietary containment chamber that manages electricity, cooling, and venting. This has resulted in profitable blockchain mining for the company as well as all the sale/leaseback owners, who are paid monthly. Recently, the company has experimented with a possible add-on to the chamber that can capture some of the excess heat the equipment emits. “The goal is to put some of the energy that we take from the environment back into the environment, instead of wasting it by venting,” stated Josh Moore principal owner of NFN8. “We are looking to be good stewards of the earth. Our Company is in business to make money, but if we can add something or give back, we will try.”

If the experiment works, it could add another revenue stream or allow the company to lower overhead. In the meantime, sales of the mining equipment have exceeded projections. Individuals are responding well to the idea of small, secure, decentralized, U.S., on-shore data warehouses, which are personally managed by company principals. The owners like the individual attention that is the exact opposite of giant, unwieldy offshore foreign-owned operations. In addition, NFN8 plans to halt the sale/leaseback offer at 400 sales. At that time the current thinking is to transition to a different plan. This has caused a flurry of new interest in the project.

For more information: visit www.NFN8.com; www.cryptotechmining.com, email steven@nfn8.com or call 877-422-4994.


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