Anna Lichnowski (Coach Lich) Reaches 3 Amazon Bestseller Lists in two countries with Local Business Mavericks Volume 19

Anna Lichnowski (Coach Lich) Reaches 3 Amazon Bestseller Lists  in two countries with Local Business Mavericks Volume 19
Growth Culture Advocate Anna Lichnowski (Coach Lich) hit #1 on the Knowledge Capital category Best Sellers List on July, 06 2018 for the release of Local Business Mavericks. The book also ranked No. 1 in the Urban and Regional category on

Local Business Mavericks Volume 19, is a compilation of 1 on 1 conversations with some of the top entrepreneurs in their industry. Each contributing author reveals their strategies for helping overcome the toughest obstacles standing in the way of their customers’ success.

Coach Lich states, “The popularly accepted Pareto Principle (or the 80/20 Rule) asserts that 80% of the vital ‘work’ done in businesses and organizations is produced by only 20% of its people. Typically, investments made in leadership, personal, or professional development are reserved for this 20%. I extend the privilege to everyone because, ‘A rising tide lifts all sails.’”

Anna mentions that she, “… aim[s] to get [companies] to create a culture of leadership, personal, and professional development – where people collectively take responsibility, ownership, and pride in what it is that they do. It shifts the workplace environment from being about the paycheck to being passionate and committed to a vision.

…This process saves money on turnover and other human resource issues, and it helps with skill development as far as communication, problem solving, emotional intelligence, self-motivation, etc. are concerned.”

Anna D. Lichnowski has been an influential member of the business community for several years. She is an entrepreneur, marketer, licensed financial executive, professional investor, and certified business leadership coach, speaker, and trainer.

Throughout her college career, Ms. Lichnowski pursued several internships with organizations like the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security, spearheading initiatives focused on critical infrastructure and emergency management.  Her first exposure to business was during her tenure with the Enforcement Division of the Federal Trade Commission, where she assisted in the investigation and prosecution of companies engaging in fraudulent business practices. Her public-sector pursuits laid foundations in leadership and team building, communication, project management, writing, and problem solving that would establish her entrepreneurial future to come.

Upon graduating from Monmouth University in New Jersey with her Bachelor’s degree, she pursued several opportunities in business that framed her bold and well-rounded leadership style. She was recruited by Primerica, Inc. (NYSE: PRI), where she earned her New Jersey Producer’s license, series 6, and series 63 with FINRA. As an authority on insurance, investment, and debt matters, she advised the public on issues involving life insurance, long term care insurance, retirement savings, college plan funding, and debt management. As her vision expanded, so did her team and their impact.

In 2015, Anna and two PRI colleagues built two spin-off companies– one focusing on marketing (Agape3 Marketing), and the other on digital technology ( Her most recent accomplishments have been achieved in the personal development industry and have only bolstered her continued leadership in advocating what she calls “potential literacy.”

Ms. Lichnowski additionally served as the Executive Assistant of the Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce (M3C) in New Jersey. She helped “digitize” its operations by developing and launching various tools to assist it’s 300+ members increase their online exposure. She also planned, promoted, and managed networking events; conducted social media and technology training, collaborated with government officials, helped automate the chamber’s accounting and financial reporting system, rebuilt and re-launched its content management system (CMS), managed its social media channels, delivered advertising, marketing, and event benefits to membership; and formed strategic relationships with other chambers and networking groups. She piloted and Co-Chaired M3C’s Young Professional Team, managing their monthly meetings, membership, and events. In June 2015, M3C’s Board of Directors presented Anna with an honorary plaque for her dedication and commitment.

Throughout all her experiences, Ms. Lichnowski developed a passion for empowering people. As a result, she obtained certification from and was mentored by the most respected guru of the personal development industry, Dr. John C. Maxwell. Presently she coordinates and executes customizable Mastermind Groups that help individuals discover and develop their unrealized potential. She also coaches, conducts professional trainings and seminars, and speaks. She confidently asserts that bringing herself and others to personal, professional, and leadership development directly benefits their overall wellness and security. She says, “ROI for me is ‘Return on Influence.’ I am the byproduct of people intentionally investing in me to bring out potential I didn’t even believe I had at one point. It has brought success beyond my imagination. Now I can only hope to do the same for others.” In addition to her enterprises, she professionally invests in startups, real estate, finance and lending companies, and the traditional stock market.


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