TimeClick Software Unveils New And Improved Time Clock Software: TimeClick 2019

TimeClick Software Unveils New And Improved Time Clock Software: TimeClick 2019
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TimeClick Software, a leading provider of time clock business software solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, this week announced the launch of TimeClick 2019, the latest version of their award-winning time clock and time management software.

“After working with TimeClick for nearly three years, I continue to be impressed by how responsive the team is with helping customers with their questions, and listening to and implementing feedback,” said Samantha Merritt, Director of Marketing with TimeClick Software. “TimeClick version 2019 is yet another example of how our time clock software is always improving. Customer feedback guided development work throughout the entire program from new features to minor cosmetic changes. Everything is geared towards making the user’s experience better.”

For over 25 years, Logan, Utah based TimeClick has produced a great time tracking software for businesses across the U.S. and Canada. As the years have passed, employment laws and technology have changed a lot, and TimeClick has evolved right along with them.

While other time clock software packages on the market are complicated to use, expensive, and bloated with unnecessary options, TimeClick 2019 has stayed true to being full-featured yet simple and is a faster, easier, and better version than any before. In fact, Capterra.com, a leading reviewer of software, has TimeClick rated at 5-stars for Ease of Use, Customer Service, and Overall Quality based on over 140 verified customer users. They have awarded TimeClick “Best Value” and “Best Support” for many years in a row.

Boasting the same simplicity as TimeClick 18, TimeClick 19 includes features that will give you the info you need when you need it to better manage your workforce including flexible reports, real-time metrics for time and attendance, payroll projection reports, increased database speed, and more.

“TimeClick has always been simple to use, with exceptional customer service and support. Now with the new version, modifying time is even easier and we can track projects!” reported Adam Miller, HR Compliance Manager for Passport Software and user of the software.

TimeClick was born in 1993 when their first commercial version of TimeClick was released, known at that time as TimeKeeper. Subsequent changes have focused entirely on responding to customer feedback, making the user interface simpler with a more aesthetic design while making the software faster and easier to use. TimeClick 2019 includes dozens of user-requested features.

Merritt stated, “We are committed to continually improving and keeping TimeClick at the forefront of time clock software.” Which is no surprise as their goal is to create better employee time tracking than ever before.

One note of mention, this new version of their time clock software now also caters to Mac users with its TimeClick Workstations for Mac beta.

“And it’s still one of the most affordable time clock software options of its caliber on the market. TimeClick 19’s features will make your time tracking and managing experience better than ever before,” said Merritt.

Visit TimeClick.com or call (435) 753-4102.

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