Tips For Choosing An Offshore Staffing Partner

Choosing an offshore staffing partner doesn’t have to be difficult. When looking for an extension of your staff, it is important to hold them to the same standards as you would any in-house team members.

Clearing up your schedule and speeding through tasks are made easier with the right offshore partner.

  1. Hire Them the Way You Would Hire an Employee

An interview process is an incredibly important method for a business that will act as an extension of your own.

Discuss with a prospective outsourcing company their achievements and company goals. Request documentation on the size of the company, staff, previous clients, and current services they provide with corresponding rates.

Organisation is a specific tool that is key for every project. An offshore partner that is willing and capable of handling multiple projects to a high quality of work is worth keeping. Your offshore partner should be an expert with organisation.

  1. Define What Your Goals Are When Working with an Outsourcing Partner

Keep your goals realistic and specific.

Goals such as “Increase profit margins” can be vague and loose, and therefore unable to achieve. Aim for goals that are realistic, specific and inspiring.

Goals should be measurable, so each staff member can work toward the bigger picture.

Prior to choosing an offshoring partner, it is essential to know whether they have the capabilities to handle any projects you throw their way. Understanding their troubleshooting methods will allow your companies to work symbiotically.

  1. Ensure Communication Options

Since new technology has been implemented in the workplace, it has been incredibly beneficial to the overall flexibility of working with offshore staff.

Ensure your staffing partner has access to any new technologies necessary for your company. Similar and advanced technologies that are used in your office should be mirrored in an offshore partner.

Whether its email, social media or video conferencing, current technologies are essential for ease of communication. Online methods are particularly important when working with overseas partners, as international call charges can accumulate.

  1. Ensure Your Companies Are Culturally Compatible

In a decade when any wrong move can be smeared online, ensuring you choose the right offshoring partner can make all the difference.

When working with an offshore staffing partner, be aware that their culture and politics should mirror your company’s values. Choose a country that reflects your company and clientele’s moral teachings.

English speaking countries, or countries that preference English skills, will benefit not only your speed of work but also communication between your onshore and offshore staff.

Societal values may change between countries, affecting the way communication is conducted. Understand these diversities before communicating or working with an offshore partner. Alternatively, your onshore office may employ a liaising staff member with a deep understanding of any cultural distinctions.

  1. Look Over Previous Work

Analysing previous work can establish whether or not their quality matches the expectations you have of your business.

Evidence of your offshore staffing partner’s services in your desired outsourcing field will alleviate any anxiety involved with offloading resources to another office. If seeking to outsource HR services offshore, when looking through samples of previous work, focus on the quality of the HR execution.

Not sure where to begin when hiring a reputable offshore staffing partner? Ask for recommendations from colleagues; discussing the process with someone you trust can be a first-hand way to gain insight into the market.

Mehboob Ali Meghani

Mehboob Ali is an Entrepreneur and a Social Activist. He is also a contributor at Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Marketing Insiders.