Transform and Evolve From Employee to SheEO

Transform and Evolve From Employee to SheEO
The dynamic duo of co-founders Charlotte Barrett and Grace Nelson have developed a platform to solve all these ever growing issues and help primarily female entrepreneurs grow an online business and leave their 9-5! They have nearly two decades worth of business experience between them and formed a partnership in 2013.  They have worked with 100’s of students, entrepreneurs, micro enterprises, SMEs and large corporate organizations worldwide like “The Google Campus”. Their collaborative unison is so unique and special that draws in audiences with their 4 part blueprint success framework that guides their clients easily through each crucial stage of starting and growing an online business. Having been in their audience’s shoes, they teach from experience and ensure their programs and workshops are interactive and action orientated.

They know what it is like to keep on investing, putting in the hours and feel like you are not getting anywhere, not having all the basic pieces of the puzzle, and feeling like all the hours you have put in are showing no results. They have created the brand 1 Less Stress Connect which teaches that if you to just stay focused for an hour a day… they can show them how to make an extra 1K a month!

They help women move from feeling incapable, confused, stressed and frustrated to feeling like a confident SheEO.  A SheEO is someone who is competent, generous and a disciplined leader who is powerful and impactful with their presence in the world.  As well as aligned and energetically empowered to be more and do more to move towards their wildest desires and have a thriving business that bring in “cash”.

They believe in incorporating the community aspect in everything they do including 1:1 coaching because they understand the importance of connections and accountability. They deliver in person start-up workshops privately and corporately and their agency provides done-for-you services including landing page creation, podcast bookings and social media management.

Lastly, they have a number of unique and innovative online programs and courses with real time support that coaches their clients through the process of starting and growing by laying strong foundations.

Are you ready to be a SheEO?

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Charlotte Barrett and Grace Nelson


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