Transformation Flight To Success Seminar In San Antonio Texas On April 13, Transformation Starts Here – A Once In A Lifetime Event With Wale Adekanla And Candice Merritt

Transformation Flight To Success Seminar In San Antonio Texas On April 13, Transformation Starts Here - A Once In A Lifetime Event With Wale Adekanla And Candice Merritt
Event Information:
Date: April 13th, 2019 Time: 10am – 5pm
Location: Launch SA, 600 Soledad St. San Antonio TX, 78205. Located inside the Central Public Library 1st floor.

Your Transformation Starts Here! This kind of event is truly rare enough to occur once in a lifetime!

Transformation Flight to Success is a 1-Day Intensive Personal, Family & Business Re-invention Training Seminar. This practical & inspiring live event promises to get you more out of your life, family, kids, business, work, relationships, talent, investments, team, passion, and skills. This life-changing seminar will clearly show you what 98% of the population does and why only 2% of the population is highly successful in their lives and businesses. This live event will help teams and organizations at all levels – from executives to stay-at-home parents to learn how to increase both company sales and accelerate growth, improve personal relationships and double productivity, earn deserved promotions and salary increase, and personal and business debt free strategy.

The speakers for this event are Wale Adekanla and Candice Merritt

Wale Adekanla is a dynamic Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach with a burning passion for human development. He is an astute trainer and advisor to leaders, entrepreneurs, instructors, and business executives. He is an accredited asset in Human Capacity Development and a remarkable speaker internationally. His teachings on success universal principles have motivated, inspired and instigated individuals and organizations around the world to begin to achieve their goals and live their dreams. He is a recipient of two national awards in Nigeria. He is the President of Success Nature InterContinental with a vision to raise Business Leaders in Nations. He is also the Founder of Rescue Team Projects, through which he helps individuals and organizations in Africa to discover their leadership power and live their dreams.

Candice Merritt is President of Peaceful Solutions Consulting, where she serves as a life & business coach, workshop trainer, and speaker for women emotionally triggered during a conflict to manage their frustrations with ease. Strategies that empower you to be BRAVE, BOLD, and FEARLESS! Her career has focused on helping these business professionals identify and develop leaders, work better as a team, enhance optimal performance, and get from strategy to execution faster. Candice conducts numerous seminars and workshops on conflict management, productivity, negotiation strategies, conflict management in groups, and conflict styles. Candice has also written numerous articles and is the co-author of Living in Gratitude Daily.

• Discover Who you are
• Discover your passion and how to turn it to profit
• How to start your Talent Business in 30 Days
• Transition from job to Business
• Create generational wealth
• Develop Personal Goals
• Design Your family Vision

• Make Money your slave (Money Mastery)
• Steps to get out of personal and business debt faster
• Start an invention without money.
• Revolutionize Your Income
• Building Magnetic Influence
• Relationship Management System (For the Family and workplace)
• Double Your Personal and Business Productivity
• Developing the leader within

Adekanla & Merritt both guarantee you results if you apply what this live training seminar provides! Your Transformation Starts Here!

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