Marketing and Business Coach, Dan Woerheide, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Radio Show

Marketing and Business Coach, Dan Woerheide, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Radio Show
Marketing and business coach, Dan Woerheide, specializes in helping women and veterans in business build their brands and increase their profits so they can watch their businesses grow.

Coach Dan W. is committed to his goal of helping women and veterans in business more clearly communicate their purposes, so they can build more meaningful connections with their audiences. He wants to help them develop and tell their stories, so they can help their customers more. His idea is that by leading with storytelling, business leaders are able to build deeper and stronger connections with their audiences.

During the interview, Dan discusses how this marketing strategy goes against the grain of “bullet point” marketing where businesses outline points A, B, and C of why they are the best choice for customers and focus more on storytelling to engage their audiences. He bases his approach on more than 2,000 years of societal storytelling and quotes Donald Miller, stating, “Every brain is designed to engage in stories.” That’s how people tend to remember events that happen in their lives and process the information around them.

He goes on to explain how he believes it is important for entrepreneurs to understand that it’s not about their stories, but their customers’ stories. Meaning the most effective story brands to build are ones that focus on customers stories rather than the stories of the entrepreneurs themselves. He asks a simple question “How are you serving your customers?”

In many ways, Dan’s approach goes back to the old adage “show don’t tell.” He encourages his coaching clients to show their customers how their products can make their lives better or help them become the heroes of their own stories and discusses why this is so important for entrepreneurs that want to stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about Dan’s process and how it can help entrepreneurs at all stages build stronger brands by visiting his website: and by listening to the interview on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and the Business Inventors Radio Network.








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