Transformative Life Coach Provides Daily Guidance for Members

Transformative Life Coach Provides Daily Guidance for Members
New membership site will support people on their personal journey of self-growth.

A new Personal Mastery Club will be offered by transformative life coach Anne Sayers starting September 1, 2018. This paid membership site will allow people access to information, courses, and resources related to personal, metaphysical and spiritual growth.

The philosophy of metaphysics goes back thousands of years. It is the exploration of the unseen, the mystical, of the how and why of our world behind the physics that we know and see with our five senses. Metaphysics in all forms can be found all around the world. Concepts are seen in Aristotle’s teachings, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Modern day metaphysics studies the essence or qualities of being, beyond its cause and purpose. On a practical level, it provides tools and processes to assist each of us to discover and change who we are and how we operate at the most fundamental level.

People seeking answers in their lives can use Anne Sayers’ paid membership site for guidance and support in bringing about the changes they desire and need in order to accomplish their dreams. “Those seeking to learn and grow and who are ready for a change in their lives can access the decades of knowledge I’ve accumulated and used to make my own dreams come true”, says Anne Sayers. “Reaching an empowered state-of-mind and helping people believe in themselves is what I do best.”

Anne Sayers is a Certified Hypnotherapist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, author, teacher, and business owner. She has practiced law and written multiple books. She has worked with many international companies such as Kodak, Motorola, Swatch Watch, Calvin Klein, and R.J.Reynolds.

Sayers works as a mentor and coach and is welcoming new members to her private personal mastery group, ready to be launched on September 1. Members of this new community will get brand new audio lessons, guided meditations, affirmations, worksheets and live support – all designed to guide and inspire each person to grow and change in all areas of life. Each month we follow a new theme starting with a motivational podcast to get members on their path for the weeks to come. Weekly live calls allow members to interact with Anne and other members in support of their goals and dreams and to help each embrace their innate power and abilities. Membership also gives people personalized coaching and insight to ignite the changes they desire to bring about in their lives.

For more information or to sign up for the personal mastery membership, please go Anne Sayers’ website at:


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