International Best-Selling Author Andrew Hackett Signs Five-Book Publishing Deal with Holland House Publishing, New York

International Best-Selling Author Andrew Hackett Signs Five-Book Publishing Deal with Holland House Publishing, New York
According to Hackett, the Fearless series is the culmination of a complete system of practical tools and processes that will radically transform unhappy, unfulfilled life experiences into limitless success and abundance.

“I am excited; truly excited,” Hackett says. “I have been working with people for years now, and we have been getting some truly amazing results from the material that is now incorporated throughout the Fearless series.”

Hackett says his approach can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, irrespective of their own beliefs, culture or economic situation.

“Years ago I dedicated my life to helping everyday people get out of their fear-driven life experience,” Hackett explains. “Too many people live in a constant and unsustainable state of stress, and it is leading to an epidemic of depression and anxiety disorders.”

For that reason, Hackett believes a different perspective will empower people to reach for their natural-born potential, and the Fearless series is that different perspective.

“This is a dream that has been lifetimes in the making,” says Hackett. “I just want to help those that seek real, heartwarming change and show them what I have learnt, tested and experienced  – not only in my own life, but in the lives of many people across the globe.”

“Following the success of Andrew’s first book, we were very interested in doing this epic five-book series as well,” says publisher Ralph Brogden of Holland House Publishing, New York. “Andrew has a real passion for helping people live better lives, and we are extremely pleased to partner with him again to help get his message out to the world.”

Hackett says the book series is for anyone that seeks a better life experience, anyone who is unhappy with the way their life has panned out, and anyone who believes the time is right for real, positive change in their life.

“The Fearless series is applicable to all who seek limitless success,” says Hackett. “It seeks to challenge the old fear-driven ways, and establish some new, healthier beliefs that will enable anyone to start living in true abundance.”

The first book in the Fearless series will be available November 2018 on and other online booksellers. The remaining books in the series will be released sequentially throughout 2019.

Andrew Hackett is an international best-selling author with more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations and move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business, and relationships.

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