Loyalty and Rewards Programs Take A Step Forward Earning National Recognition

Loyalty and Rewards Programs Take A Step Forward Earning National Recognition
Ottawa Digital Marketing Agency, Streetwise Marketing is proud to introduce to the Ottawa area, a unique program to help local businesses retain their customer base and grow repeat business.

As technology advances so do our new rewards program. Businesses no longer have to pass out stamps or clip a business size rewards card. Now customers can use a customized app and a cutting-edge Smart Stamp and redeem their rewards.

Streetwise Marketing has initiated this new program to also allow local businesses to track customer data, participation, along with demographics.

Customers will be able to interact and earn rewards through a dedicated Stamp Reward App custom designed for the business. The Loyalty App engages the customer and encourages repeat business, referrals, and reviews for participating businesses. A win-win for both customer and business alike.

The loyalty and rewards program includes a Mobile Punch Card that turns the paper card into a custom mobile punch card that customers keep on their mobile device for access at any time. Along with this customers are able to receive rewards texted to them 24/7 right through the business’s app.

For businesses that have a counter register, the tablet loyalty is an in your face solution to reward customers for their loyalty. And both the mobile and tablet app are completely customized with the business’s logo which helps to promote brand and brand recognition.

Wright stated, “A business can increase its exposure by letting customers promote their deals for them on their social media profiles and the business can grow a subscriber list and then have the ability to promote their business to customers at any time”.

Daniel Wright, founder of the Ottawa digital marketing agency is offering as a special introduction into the Ottawa Market a no charge 15 day trial period for those businesses who would like to take advantage of this new technology. 


With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience to a diverse mix of companies in the UK, Canada, and the United States, Streetwise was founded to help take the marketing off the plates of busy business owners to allow them to do what they are best at and love.

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