Marketing Analytica Exposes The Secrets of Using AI to Increase Advertising ROI

Regardless of industry or the size of the business in question, the fact that you’ve probably encountered some form of artificial intelligence in recent years is quite high. For some, the evolution of digital marketing has been a welcome change, while others simply don’t know enough about it to feel comfortable with such in-depth marketing automation. Either way, it’s a fact that artificial intelligence can and will have an impact on the way you work. Some would even call it the foundation of your entire future business model. Artificial intelligence has come so far, and where marketing automation is concerned, it’s not going away anytime soon.

So, if you’re wondering where, to begin with AI in your own business, we have your answer. Hands down, the best way to incorporate artificial intelligence into your existing marketing programs is by using it as a system for monitoring and performance improvement.

The obsession with marketing performance indicators is nothing new. That’s as old as the marketing industry itself. However, most marketers today will tell you that the Marketing Mix Model and even the newer Digital Attribution models are fairly antiquated. They can be applied to current marketing practices, but only loosely and with modifications. What’s worse is that older models only present limited opportunities for improvement and are often impractical in our digital era. That’s why one international firm, Marketing Analytica, has set out to disrupt modern performance monitoring practices in favor of what is known as “Multi-Touch Attribution”, featuring:

  • Aggregation of all cross-channel data
  • Data-driven attribution to optimize performance
  • All-in-one master AI interface

“Our AI-powered tracking technology gives businesses the power to make the best-informed decisions, behavioral analyses, and positive impact on revenues,” explains Michal Myczkowski, Marketing Analytica Co-Founder. “The aggregation of all cross-channel data, which our platform offers, helps you to understand your audience and marketing life-cycle from click to conversion.”

Marketing accounts for a massive portion of business expenditures today, and businesses need to stay on top of how those dollars perform. A cross-channel digital marketing management platform that also incorporates AI features could give your company the competitive edge it has been searching for. Optimize your marketing ROI by making the switch to a smarter way of managing, measuring, and improving your campaigns. “Data-driven attribution shows you what’s actually driving sales and where you can cut costs to enhance performance and shift budgets accordingly,” states Myczkowski.

Marketing Analytica also functions as an all-in-one master AI interface, allowing you to see and collect marketing data from external performance platforms and social media marketplaces. This is truly a tool that every business should be using.

About Marketing Analytica

Marketing Analytica is a cross-channel digital marketing management platform providing advanced algorithmic attribution models. Marketing Analytica integrates all marketing-channel sources and applies artificial intelligence to calculate the exact likelihood of all marketing touchpoints. The performance of every Channel and Campaign is presented in a modern dashboard which allows for cross-channel optimization of marketing ROI.


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