Uulala CEO Oscar Garcia Featured In Hispanic Executive Magazine

Uulala CEO Oscar Garcia Featured In Hispanic Executive Magazine
Uulala CEO, Oscar Garcia was featured in the latest print issue of Hispanic Executive Magazine after the companies app launched at Talent Land, Jalisco Mexico on April 23rd. Poised to bring financial solutions to Latino communities across the Americas where on average 50% remain underbanked, Hispanic Executive highlighted Uulala’s huge potential to not only change lives but to also bring several trillion dollars into the formal economy.

US-based Latino’s account for $2.13 trillion GDP which is $1 trillion more than the entire GDP of Mexico. “Why would you disrespect that amount of money?” Mr. Garcia was quoted as saying.

The article’s writer Randy Colburn confirmed that ‘Part of that problem is that the Latino American demographic is not represented in databases the way the Anglo-American demographic is. Uulala is revolutionary because it provides that data in spades, thus opening up doors for the entire community.’

Being featured in the Hispanic Executive print edition on newsstands now following the launch of the Uulala platform, which is designed to help people send and receive money for a fraction of the cost, access microcredit offers from their favorite retailers, pay bills with ease, build credit, enjoy online shopping, and take charge of their financial future, added another exciting milestone to a very successful week for the company.

Other highlights included Uulala CEO, Oscar Garcia sharing the main stage and the blockchain stage at Talent Land, Jalisco, attended by over 30,000 innovators, with a number of influential experts including Tone Vays consultant and former VP of JP Morgan Chase, Blanca Treviño the President & CEO of Softtek, and Ophelia Pastrana who was listed on Forbes ‘Top 100 most powerful women in Mexico’.

The company also hosted a VIP cocktail evening sponsored by Casa Sauza and Amigos del Mezcal Guadalajara that was attended by 500 business leaders, sponsors, and government officials which led to potential partnership opportunities.

As the company scales in Mexico and gears up for their USA launch this summer continued momentum and business development opportunities to serve the most vulnerable continue to be at the heart of Uulala.

About Uulala

Uulala is a blockchain powered fintech company that facilitates and accelerates the financial inclusion of the under-banked and unbanked populations. Uulala empowers the under-banked communities by providing financial tools to easily send and receive payments, pay bills, receive micro-financing and build an international blockchain based credit profile and digital identity.  


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