Why Does the Excavator Hydraulic Oil Leakage Always Happen?

After the excavator is old, the driver is most worried about the oil spill. In fact, many excavators, especially excavator hydraulic systems, seals have been changed and oil leakage still occurs after a short time. Why?

First, a lack of regular maintenance.

Rubber seals have a certain life span, they should be replaced when they are old, thus oil spill can be solved. At the same time, engineering machinery annual test should be conducted, of course, you will not see the oily machine.

Of course, choosing high-quality seals is also very important. For example, YBAS SEALS is one of the most reliable and most professional manufacturer in china, which attention to quality, control costs. According to the domestic and foreign market demand, it has become a modern new company which integrates production, research and development, sales and service, and has always adhered to the high performance and price ratio products to serve customers. The seal products are widely used in various excavators and hammer breaker machine supporting and maintenance, has been favored and recognized by customers at home and abroad. Such as the excavator seals recently has been popular.

Second, failure to maintain in time.Do not wait until the machine leaks to replace the seals. It will cause serious inconvenience:

  1. Hydraulic components have been leaking even during shutdown, continuous oil leakage will cause a lot of money. Environmental pollution problems: in the rainy days, the leaked oil as a harmful liquid especially in some wild forests and mountains, it is possible that this is the source of some rive and cause pollution of the ecology of the mountains.
  2. Hose bursting, seal breakage, etc. generally occur during normal construction. Not only a large amount of oil is lost, but also the machine is shut down. If the construction is in a hurry for an important project in the working period, then the loss will be bigger.
  3. System pollution: oil leakage is due to the seal can not work effectively to prevent hydraulic parts and the outside air and dust contact, this will not only lead to oil leakage, but also cause external dust and other pollutants get into the parts that need to be sealed, which leads to deterioration of the oil and wear of the parts and shortens the lifespan of the machine.
  4. Aging of components: Oil stains may cause some components to age quickly. For example, electric harnesses will become brittle and aging after being immersed in oil, and even a short circuit, which will cause great fire hazard; sludge accumulation will also lead to poor heat dissipation of components, which also affects equipment life.
  5. Oil leakage not only affects the service life of the machine, but also seriously affects the evaluation price of the machine when it is disposed. I believe that all of us will understand why preventive measures should be took on equipment.

Third, the back pressure is increased due to the blockage of the return pipe, which causes the seal ring to break.

The excavator cannot stop on the slope because the excavator’s pump itself has a brake device. When the hydraulic motor is not supplied with oil, and the brake device acts as a brake. Before the hydraulic oil enters the motor, one way oil enters the A end of the reciprocating valve, causing the reciprocating valve to move to B end; the oil passes through the reciprocating valve to reach the moving sliding valve, so that the moving sliding valve moves toward the spring, then the hydraulic oil reaches the motor brake, thus the motor starts to rotate. When the fuel supplied to the motor is stopped, the shuttle valve and the brake valve automatically return to the original position, the shuttle valve stops the flow of oil in the pipeline, and the oil does not flow to the shuttle valve acts as a brake, so the excavator cannot stop at the slope.

Fourth, internal leakage and external leakage problems: the external leakage of oil is mainly means the oil leakage of the system to the environment. The internal leakage refers to the hydraulic oil in the system due to the pressure difference between the high and low pressure sides and the failure of the seal. The inside flows from the high pressure side to the low pressure side. Like the internal wear of the hydraulic pump, the spools of the relief valve and the solenoid valve are worn out, and the light-changing oil seal has no effect.

Above are the reasons why does the excavator hydraulic oil leakage always happen, for seals YBAS can definitely provides high quality.

Mehboob Ali Meghani

Mehboob Ali is an Entrepreneur and a Social Activist. He is also a contributor at Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Marketing Insiders.