2021 Digital Marketing Trends from Industry Experts

The year 2020 is finally gone and many people are happy to let it go. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 turned every part of life upside down. The business world was especially impacted by this deadly viral scourge. Even the remote area of business digital marketing was affected by what had happened in 2020. Now, several digital marketing leaders are going to provide their expert analysis about the new digital marketing trends in 2021.

Alex Cruz from Penpath eCommerce dashboards foresees the current online and internet business transactions continuing well into 2021. He also believes that the new digital marketing model will not go away. Businesses will continue to reach consumers through social media portals and through video sharing platforms. He encourages businesses to diversify their online marketing platforms and to figure out how to use this technology to reach more consumers.

Jason Marks from Mackler ACT Tutoring thinks that social media is going to be the primary way that consumers will purchase products in 2021. He informs businesses that they should adapt their marketing efforts to meet this developing trend. He expects social media purchasing by consumers to become a permanent part of consumer purchasing habits.

Jacque Phillips from Accucare home health of St. Louis envisions businesses adapting their digital efforts toward consumer buying habits. This technology will be able to determine what consumers will buy and what they will need in the future. She claims that this technology will be important because it will help businesses to maintain an edge over the competition.

Shep Hickey from Bryzos steel marketplace asserts that virtual events will become a huge part of the next generation of digital marketing processes. Many businesses had to adopt this model during the pandemic. This is another part of the pandemic era that is expected to continue well beyond 2021. Virtual events will help to keep expenses down, improve customer engagement, and it will help businesses to quickly present products and services to the public.

The experts at ECO Constructors and Total Organics Recycling hold the view that 2021 will force many businesses to limit their social media platforms. They stated that businesses will need to focus their efforts on a few social media platforms that are best suited for them. They believe that too many social media platforms are not necessary and that a business can reach consumers through a select few.

Augmented reality (AR) is being developed at a fast pace. Many businesses should be able to implement this process into their marketing scheme. While it is not completely ready, a forward-thinking business organization should start thinking about the best way to set up this process. AR technology will give businesses more flexibility with their marketing schemes.

Finally, don’t forget about live virtual events for marketing purposes. Again, this technology is going to stick around in 2021 because of the value that it brings. The pandemic helped to prove how effective virtual marketing events really are. They can be recorded or presented live. Don’t forget that live virtual marketing models are less expensive and less of a hassle than live marketing events held at a location.

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