7 Pro Tips for Landing Page Design

The landing page on your website is what offers your business’s would-be customers a first impression. Thus, it is critical that the landing page is designed properly. It takes only seven seconds for a customer to decide whether to buy your product or to go elsewhere to have their needs met. So, here are seven tips from experts on how to design the best, most effective landing page.

1. Transparency in Navigation

The purpose of your landing page is to entice customers to buy your product. Because of this, users who visit the site should be able to reach a “buy now” button within three clicks or less from the landing page. Avoid “detour links” that are irrelevant to customers. It is a good idea to link to pages that give the user more information about your business, but avoid irrelevant information, as it is likely to cause the user to leave the site and not come back. Here is a great example of this at KIND Handmade Natural Soap.

2. Less Flash, More Substance

Web sites that incorporate a lot of flashy, blinking buttons or clickbait usually are selling substandard products. If your business is confident that the products it offers are high quality, you should focus on offering relevant information to the customers so that they can make an informed decision, rather than attempting to draw them in with flashy buttons. They should be able to learn about how your product can meet their needs. See a great representation of this at Wallner Group St. Louis Homesellers

3. Use Space Efficiently

When viewing your web page, customers will scan from the top left to the right bottom. Therefore, the information should be presented in this order. You should make the top left so appealing that by the time the viewer reaches the right bottom, they will be looking for the “buy now” button. You can use links to help them access other pages within the same page so they can find out more information. Visit Reveal NEMT Dispatch Software to see an example of this.

4. Stay Free of Technical Problems

Look at the site HHG St. Louis Divorce Attorneys and click on a few links. You will want to make sure that none of the links on your web page lead to 404 error pages. No one wants this to happen. Although some people will tolerate a few broken links, most people will head to your competitor’s site if they get error pages. Therefore, you should do extensive testing before your website is launched. Users are more likely to trust a functioning web page with their credit card information as well.

5. Use Reviews

If you can gather a lot of positive reviews from customers who used your product or service, you can display these reviews on your landing page. Prospective customers will then see that they were happy with the product or service that you offer and will be more likely to buy it themselves. If they do not end up buying your product but leave an email address, you can use that to let them know of the reviews, increasing the likelihood of them buying it in the future. The positive reviews on eldercarechannel.com are a testament to this.

6. Use Social Media

Liberty St. Louis Mortgage Brokers understands marketing your products using word of mouth as a tool can be very reliable. When customers use social media to post positive reviews of your product, they have given you advertising. Therefore, it is a good idea to include social media sharing buttons on your landing page for Facebook and Twitter so that your page can be shared. You can also target people who visited your site before with ads on their social media feed, reminding them why they visited your site in the first place and enticing them to come back.

7. Choose Your Images Carefully

If someone wants to buy your product, they want to see what they are going to buy. A lot of the time, when people order something online and leave negative reviews, their complaint is centered around the item not coming in the color shown on the web site, or the item differing from the online picture in a different way. Avoid this by making sure the images match the products. Since you have limited space, it is a good idea to compress and web-optimize the files. This may compromise the image quality, but the image will still match the product. Make sure to display the most attractive sides of your product in the image so that customers are enticed to buy your product.

Now that you have these seven tips for optimizing your landing page, you will be able to design a great page and be on your way to a successful business. See REI St. Louis Home Buyers as an example. 

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