8 Business Mistakes To Avoid When Building Private Blog Networks

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When it comes to building quality links for your website, PBNs are one of the best ways to do it fast and easy. But did you know that even SEO experts sometimes make the same mistakes that can hurt a Private Blog Network’s Setup?

When your PBNs leaves footprint across the internet, this can catch the attention of Google, resulting in your PBN getting de-indexed. But what are PBNs anyway? And how can one build a PBN the right way aside from buying quality domains such as SerpSpace Domains?

Private Blog Networks are a series of expired or soon-to-be expired authoritative domains used to build quality backlinks. In turn, you get to increase your Google ranking and maximize your SEO efforts. One can also use Private Blog Networks to trade guest posts, sell links, or even sell the domain to other website owners.

Many claims that PBNs should never be used as a link-building strategy as such a tactic can lead to link penalties and other consequences. However, you can minimize the risks by avoiding the common PBN mistakes such as the following.

Buying Domains Without Properly Reviewing It

The first step of building a PBN includes buying good quality SerpSpace Domains. It doesn’t matter if you plan on buying domains from a broker, from an auction or by scraping them yourself. One of the biggest mistakes is not vetting your domains the right way.

Make sure to do your research before even buying one. Here are some things to check before purchasing a domain.

If it has ever been part of a Private Blog Network before or not

If it is a high-quality domain

If it has sufficient metrics

If it was used as a spam website

If it was a 301 or 302 redirect before

Registering The Domain Under An Identical Data

You can lose quality domains if you register them under identical WhoIs data. When it comes to Private Blog Networks, make sure that you register them privately, use different information, and to select the right boxed. You can’t expect a domain to last long if you register them all under similar content terms and information.

Registering All Domains On The Same Day

We often forget to wait and patient when wanting the results of our link-building efforts to show up. So what do we do? We try to register all of our domains on a single day. However, this is one big no-no. It’s very easy to check a domain’s registration info and renewal dates. If they find similar registrations made on the same day, you can expect de-indexation to happen soon enough. Make sure to spread out your registration date.

Choosing The Wrong PBN Hosting

Let’s say you have quality Serpspace Domains for your PBN. It’s not enough that you use cheap hosting for your PBN. It is essential to find the right PBN hosting for your domains. What many fail to realize is that not all web hosting companies are the same. Find one that will provide a long-term PBN solution. Also, organize your hostings by using different physical devices as hosts.

Low-Quality Content And Website

Your primary purpose of buying PBN domains is to build quality links. However, you can’t expect the websites to last long and stay in the index if the site itself and its contents are of low-quality. Refrain from using content spinning tools. These don’t do an excellent job in creating quality contents, plus Google doesn’t like spun contents. You will only receive a penalty or two, which can also cause your site’s de-indexation.

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Keep in mind that a real website has a considerable amount of words per contents. Some have contents of at least 500 words per article, while others have more than a thousand words per content. A real website is also always updated, has a personality, and includes a variety of media. If you can make your website look like real websites, then search engines will think they are worth indexing.

Under-Developed Linking Strategies

Another PBN mistake to avoid is overusing linking patterns or using the exact types of links on your content. Make sure to use a variety of linking strategies within your PBN contents. For example, use three internal links, then an internal link with outbound links, and some will content without any links at all. If you do use referring links, make sure to link from high authority domains such as Huffington Post, Wikipedia and Reader’s Digest.

Radical Re-theming Of Links And Contents

It is not enough that the domains you’ll be buying are of high-quality. Take note if you purchased a domain that has a niche, you need to link contents related to its niche to make it look like a real website. If it doesn’t fit your money-making niche, then it would be best to change the niche, for as long as it fits your PBN purposes.

Blocking Web Crawlers

When you block every bot or crawler, you can have your site removed from every index. When you block crawlers, search engines will think you have something to hide. There is no need to hide from crawlers if you do build your Private Blog Networks right.

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Mehboob Ali Meghani

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