Increase Your Home’s Value With These Six Easy Steps

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Congratulations! You have finally saved enough money to invest for a home that you can call your own. It may not be your dream house yet, but it is something to get you started. Now that you are ready to let go of your hard-earned savings and finally call yourself a homeowner, the next thing to think about is where to start this home buying journey?

There are tons of available housing projects that will suit your budget. One quick Google search of the phrase “affordable homes for sale” will surely give you a long list of quality choices that you can choose from. With all the things you should consider like the location, accessibility, monthly amortization cost, design, and the overall homey feel; it is no doubt that home buying can be a little overwhelming.

But did you know that getting your hands to the affordable house of your dreams should not come in one snap and one-time big-time package? You can narrow down all the affordable homes for sale, purchase the cheapest one, and unlock the significant key to make it look expensive and personalized: home improvement.

Your new home may be cheap, but it can look and feel like you custom design it if you consider wise home improvement. Below are some of the top home improvement trends in 2019 that you can apply to your new empire:

DIY Your Way To Success

Did you know that nowadays, only a few percents of homeowners who had a home improvement have worked with professionals? Its is because this innovative times promotes DIY (do it yourself) projects that will unleash your one’s creativity and resourcefulness.

With all the inspiration available on Pinterest, YouTube, and on the internet in general, DIY projects make it a more realistic option for homeowners. They can customize the pieces they like with a budget they can work on.

If you think you have this ability to be creative and execute the ideas on your head without the need to consult a professional, and then, by all means, make that DIY a success.

Play With Warmer Colors

Yes, color schemes do not only apply on weddings, but it can also be incorporated in homes too. Choosing the right color for every part of your house can be challenging,  sometimes homeowners tend to just stay to the safe side of using the usual black, white, and earth color tones.

Putting a splash of colors into your home can also be in the form of accent walls, furniture, and decors. Try experimenting light and cooler shades and follow the trend of putting it in your favorite spot in the house to give that extra-special look.

This year, some of the color scheme trends in home improvement include the shades of corals, hunter green, pale pink, misty blue, soft terracottas, dusty blush, and woodland shades.

Smart Home Technology

“Alexa, dim lights.”

“Alexa play music.”

Who would not love to have a high-tech voice home assistant popularly like Alexa of Amazon Echo at home? This home technology allows you to customize the smart home skills you can rely on to Alexa. Such home skills include switching the lights and appliances, adjusting the thermostat, checking the locks, and more.

Aside from this home assistant technology, other SMART or Self-Monitoring Analysis Technology can boost your improvement. These include water-saving toilets and showers, smart lights, security cameras, robot vacuum, a video doorbell, garage door openers, and more. All of which can be operated using your smartphone.

Wide-open Space Areas

The basic idea of having wide-open areas at home is to let the natural lighting comes in. It’s like bringing the outdoors in which will not just be healthy for the skin but also for an individual’s state of mind. Isn’t it lovely to wake up with a ray of sunshine all over your home? It’s energizing and will surely make you want to start every morning right.

It is done by having glass as your go-to material for your doors, windows, and ceiling. Letting the natural light comes in your home also create, and expansive view to make your space look wider.

Luxurious Bathroom

Having a five-star hotel kind of bathroom in your own house is a major #GOALS. You may have bought affordable homes for sale, but this grand bathroom will make you feel like royalty. Make 2019 the year for your bathroom remodeling and achieve that regal and expensive looking bathroom.

Achieve this home improvement trend by incorporating bathroom accents like:

  • Statement tiles piece
  • Using compact storage spaces to make your bathroom essentials look neat and organized
  • Display fancy towels
  • Big bathtubs
  • Small vanity mirrors
  • Open-lighting bathrooms (because why not?)
  • Put a statement art
  • Bring nature indoors or put a plant inside the toilet
  • Add essential oils or scented soaps to stimulate your senses

Add Color to Your Kitchen

This year, homeowners are moving away from the usual and boring white and cream-colored kitchens. Some of them are experimenting on a warmer color accent for that added “yaas girl” feels while in the element of cooking.

Some are adding a splash of color in the kitchen counter, shelves, cabinets, and even colorful kitchen appliances. If you think adding color into your kitchen is too bold and risky; then you can also add life in the kitchen by having colorful dishes, utensils, and glassware. These pieces can be displayed on your blank and boring area to achieve those Pinterest kitchen goals.

Mehboob Ali Meghani

Mehboob Ali is an Entrepreneur and a Social Activist. He is also a contributor at Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Marketing Insiders.