Adam Miller, Passport Software’s ACA Product Manager – Demystifying the Affordable Care Act Compliance and Reporting For Business Owners

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Adam: Okay so if you find out that you’re prepared to handle this in-house and on top of what we’ve discussed not to mention we haven’t even talked about things like the social security number validation or filing corrections. And I didn’t get a chance to go into our full service option where we administer everything for you.  We do have the software as we’ve talked about already. So without a doubt the best option is talking to a real person. So the number here is 847-729-7900, ask for me and I can help you figure out your best option. If you are ready to take the leap and have pricing or sales type questions, we’ll connect you to Marty, and if you really hit it off – she’ll send you pics of her grandson. And if you don’t have a phone, I do periodic Passport webinars which are always free or you can email me at And if human contact of any sort is off the table, you’ll be happy to know we have a YouTube channel with dozens of helpful videos.

BIR: That’s great. It sounds like you have a lot of resources that our readers can tap into to really educate themselves and feel comfortable knowing that they’re moving in the right direction as well as having that expert assistance to be able to go out there and make that happen.

Adam: Yes. If they want to call me I’m happy to talk with them and put them on the right track. I’ll ask a few questions about their business making sure that they know what they’re going to need to do.

BIR: That’s great! Well I appreciate you you spending the time with us here today. You’ve really shared a lot of golden nuggets and a lot of very detailed and useful information which I think can help a lot of our business owners and readers out there that are having these challenges and wondering now, “am I doing this right”, “do I need to be doing this differently” and giving them some rock-solid solutions to help them do that. So I really appreciate you being with us today Adam and I’m sure we’ll be talking again soon.

Adam: Markus it was my pleasure, thanks for having me. And I really hope people learned a little bit and are at least a little less worried about what’s ahead of them.

BIR: Absolutely! You’re very welcome. 

About Adam Miller
Not only is Adam an expert in ACA (Affordable Care Act) Reporting, He has a background in engineering, the service industry, and print, which makes him a technically proficient and patient/friendly communicator for ACA Customer Support as well as running the ACA reporting services.

In his spare time, he enjoys building and racing motorcycles (with a particular love of Italian bikes), exploring the regional national parks and forests, and is a nationally accomplished bridge player. He’s been a part of the Passport Software team since 2014.

Passport Software, Inc. is located at 181 Waukegan Rd #200, Northfield, IL 60093. To Learn more about the their leading edge accounting, ACA Management and business software solutions for small to medium sized businesses, visit them online at or call at 847-729-7900 to talk to Adam.

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