Success Interview with Millennial Business Owner Donovan J. Greening, CEO of The Greening Corporation, A Highly Sought After Digital Marketing Agency

Jerica: Hi Donovan! Thanks for sharing your business story with our readers. Let’s dive right in. What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Donovan: Honestly, for me it is all about gaining freedom and adding value to the lives of others. My first job and only job I ever had was a janitor at Powerhouse gym. It showed me how limiting most jobs can be and how the value you add to an organization is a direct correlation to how much money you can make. The experience made me really appreciate all the dirty work that happens behind the scenes to keep a business running effectively.

Jerica: Very true. Jobs are nothing more than trading your time for dollars while being a business owner is about giving value for profits. And, there is no cap on the income you can make. If you had a friend who wanted to start a business, what advice would you give them about becoming an entrepreneur?

Donovan: Your work ethic and your humility will be your most valuable assets. Entrepreneurship is not all about money or the way it is fantasized about on social media these days. I can tell you countless nights where my friends have asked me to go party with them or the times I was teased for being lame and not going out because I choose to stay in and work on my business. Most of your success happens behind closed doors, people will learn about you in time. The Money and objects that come with success hold such temporary value that they will never make you happy, and I can tell you this from experience.

Jerica: Great advice! Thanks for sharing. What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Donovan: It is difficult to pin point a single factor to success. A major key of mine is tenacity. You may be smarter than me, you may have more money than me, but I can tell you for a fact you will not out work me. Keeping your word and getting work done is critical. All of my clients can tell you about countless times they’ve been surprised to hear about me staying awake multiple days to work on a project non-stop. The only way to truly become successful at anything is to really care about what you do and the people you help.

Jerica: It’s sounds like you not only have the passion, but the commitment and consistency necessary to thrive. Kudos to you. What is your business all about?

Donovan: My business is digital marketing with a focus professional corporations. My company covers all aspects of digital marketing including content marketing, social media, commercials, press releases, web development & design, iOS app development, software engineering, reputation management, and search engine ranking management. One of my largest clients is a law firm that specializes in asbestos litigation.

They focus on helping victims of asbestos exposure find justice. These victims typically pass away and leave their loved ones with thousands in medical expenses. My client helps these victims by attaining a monetary settlement to help pay for their troubles. My company was hired to manage their entire digital presence and increase their online rankings. In the last few months alone I was able to help my client attain several million dollars in future compensation for victims of asbestos exposure.

Jerica: Thank you for sharing your story and words of wisdom Donovan. Continued success to you on your business journey.

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Jerica Glasper

Jerica Glasper is a PR, Marketing and Expert Positioning Consultant for individuals and companies. She covers topics such as Publicity, Branding, Online & Local Marketing, Social Media, Lead Gen and Personal Development.