Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author Sarah P Shares How to Build Resiliency in New Book ‘Level Up’


Sarah P is the business owner of an international agency, a bestselling author and social media influencer who is known for her positive, high-energy personality and business savviness. 


In her newly launched book Level Up, which is available on Amazon, she empowers women in business to build up their resiliency and self-confidence, so they can thrive as both the CEO of their business and life. Her mission is to inspire industry leaders and today’s youth through her own personal stories and lessons learned from being bullied as a teen and battling low self-esteem to now being a confident, successful business woman who runs a global company that has generated massive sales over the last few years. 


No matter what platform Sarah is featured on as an expert, whether TV, radio or in print, she always brings unique self-leadership perspectives gained from her experience as a teen competitive ice figure skater who trained at the Olympic level, turned professional skating coach over the course of 16 years.


In addition, she has a wealth of digital marketing knowledge gained from building her social media influencer brand to over 90,000+ followers across platforms.


Sarah P is available for interviews on the topics of personal development, women’s entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. She can be reached via her website at www.sarahp.me

Jerica Glasper

Jerica Glasper is a PR, Marketing and Expert Positioning Consultant for individuals and companies. She covers topics such as Publicity, Branding, Online & Local Marketing, Social Media, Lead Gen and Personal Development.