Business Success Interview with Chiropractic Doctor Djorn Bain, D.C., Owner of Revive My Spine in Dallas, Texas

Glasper: Hi Dr. Bain. It’s a pleasure to be interviewing you for Business Innovators’ Magazine. Please tell me a little bit about your medical practice, Revive My Spine. How do you help your patients?

Dr. Bain: Revive My Spine is a Chiropractic office located in Dallas, TX that’s geared towards assisting people who’ve had chronic injuries, and also who’ve had acute injuries. Acute meaning car wrecks, chronic meaning you have had it for a while.

We are into the rehabilitation, because many people get injured, and they’ve been injured a long time ago. It takes a while for healing to occur. We facilitate healing by Chiropractic, by muscular work, and also by most importantly patient education.

Glasper: Wonderful! I love that your approach helps people manage and heal their long standing injuries as well as become educated about their bodies. Describe the outcome that you help people achieve whenever they work with you?

Dr. Bain: Okay, great question. When people start working with me, within a short period of time you find that the first thing to happen is you get out of pain. That’s usually the primary goal, is to get you out of pain initially.

If for any reason the process goes through it’s normal course, and you’re not out of pain within the first four or five adjustments, we’re going to send you over for some sort of advanced modality, whether it’s MRI, or we do some X-rays or whatever it is, provided there’s indicators for it. Then, as need be, if we need to send you over to a pain management doctor, and seek out a neurologist, we start escalating.

The general idea first off is of conservative care, looking for improvement in pain. We also look for the improvement in range of motion as well as changes in activities of daily living. For example, you weren’t able to pick your four year old kid up off the ground, now you can actually do that. We look for overall changes that affect the patient’s quality of life. That’s what we go after, first, to make sure that the patient sees the impact, and sees the importance of the care. 

Glasper: I can tell that you are really passionate about helping people heal their physical pain, which is so admirable. Give me one or two biggest myths out there when it comes to someone going to see a Chiropractor for pain. Are they scared that they’re going to get their backbones cracked out of place with an adjustment (laughs)? What’s the biggest misconception about your industry?

Dr. Bain: Well the biggest misconception is very simple. There’s a huge misconception that Chiropractors are back pain doctors. That isn’t correct. The reason Chiropractors are not back pain doctors is because the nervous system is the master control system of the body. It includes the brain and the spinal cord.

Our Creator whose advanced wisdom decided to put bones around these important structures, He said, “We’re going to put a skull around the brain. We’re going to put vertebrae around the spinal cord, because they’re so important.” The reason they’re so important is, because they don’t regenerate. If you injure the spinal cord, that’s it. You injure the brain, that’s it. There’s no regeneration.

When they say Chiropractors are back pain doctor, it’s like having a blender that has 16 buttons on it, and using the third button only. Chiropractic can help with Colic for children. Chiropractic can help with chronic diseases, like Diabetes, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Hypertension, Ulcerative Colitis. Chiropractic can even help indicate and find issues with Gallbladder problem, Cholecystitis, simply because the body is an entire unit.

When the Chiropractor goes in, and you say you have back pain, he’s examining the entire spinal column. He’s examining your neck. He’s looking for bones out of place, because this mass control system, if it’s even distorted slightly, can have a mountain of effects that don’t necessarily lead you to the source of the problem. Pain tends to be referred. The big toe pain that you’re having could be an issue in your knee. The low back problem that you’re having could be an issue in the bones in your feet. For you to say that Chiropractors are just back pain specialists, is using one button on the blender.

Glasper: Wow! That was a really great analogy. That makes a lot of sense that putting all Chiropractors into one niche really limits the true potential you all have to provide healing. Thank you for sharing your insight on that. All right, can you share an example of how you helped one of your patients overcome some of these obstacles that you just named?

Dr. Bain: Absolutely. I have an office in the Caribbean, in the Island of Grenada where I’m from. I went back to Grenada last year to open up a clinic. I spent about two or three months there taking care of people on the Island, doing free clinics and so forth.

One gentleman came into my office. He was a stroke victim. He had a lesion in the left hemisphere. If you understand how the brain works, the left hemisphere legions lead to right side deficits. He wasn’t able to raise his arm up fully over his head on the right side. After two adjustments he was able to put his shirt on, dress himself. His wife didn’t need to help him anymore. It was nothing short of a miracle. 

Jerica Glasper

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