Adam Miller, Passport Software’s ACA Product Manager – Demystifying the Affordable Care Act Compliance and Reporting For Business Owners

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I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Miller, Passport Software’s ACA Product Manager. In today’s interview, Adam demystifies the Affordable Care Act Compliance and Reporting For Business Owners by sharing insights that help take the guess work out with Affordable Care Act reporting, compliance and management software.

BIR: We are super excited today to have Adam Miller who is the HR compliance manager with Passport software. He’s also an expert in the Affordable Care Act and all the nuances of how it’s impacting businesses today. Welcome Adam.

Adam: Thanks for having me Markus.

BIR: Excellent. Well I appreciate you spending time with the readers today. I know this whole Affordable Care Act, it’s a moving target, always changing and evolving and there’s so many nuances to it. So I really appreciate you helping shed some light on that for our audience and help the business owners that really need some guidance in this regard. So tell us about your business and the types of clients that you’re helping.

Adam: Oh great, happy to be here. Passport has been in the Chicago area for over 30 years and we provide an ERP solution which is manufacturing, distribution and accounting packages including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable; over 20 modules and all to pick and choose from and all designed to work together. The end result is that you don’t have to enter the same information twice. Our customers we have from coast-to-coast and beyond and they typically need more than a silo modeled off-the-shelf product. They want to use technology to their advantage and these are basically companies that have outgrown QuickBooks.

BIR: Gotcha. So it was a natural fit with what you’re already doing with systems and streamlining data that you began working with the Affordable Care Act Management & Reporting Software.

Adam: Yeah and I specifically deal with our Affordable Care Act clients. The ACA has put some of these small to medium businesses in a really tough spot and it’s not just a burden of providing coverage to employees. These companies don’t have big HR departments with knowledge and all the ACA reporting and tracking requirements. So to help them, I think we’ve come up with the most comprehensive ACA software that I’m aware of. And it starts with identifying employees who are full-time and just as important the way they’re trending and remember that the IRS definition of full-time is 30 hours a week not the traditional 40. So we enable the user to keep track all the fluid information throughout the year, employees adding coverage, statuses changing, contributions going up or down. I just want to add that I have no first-hand knowledge of anyone’s insurance actually going down but our software would handle that hypothetical situation.

BIR: Oh that’s great. So tell me Adam what led you into this field, what got you started doing this?

Adam: Oddly enough after going to school for engineering I was in bar and restaurant management for years and I honestly loved dealing with the customers, giving people what they wanted, making them happy. But eventually the lifestyle, the late nights, the weekends got to me and I decided that I needed a change. So it wasn’t easy switching careers, I’m sure you can imagine. I didn’t meet all the search engine prerequisites and experience to just walk into a new career. But I got my foot in the door at Time Click who makes time clock software. And they’re known for their outstanding customer service which is right up my alley. And because of the relatively narrow scope of time clock software, it let me gradually improve my technical skills without trying to drink from a fire hose. So a year and a half after that, I transitioned to Time Clicks big brother Passport Software and began working with payroll. And this was before the Affordable Care Act was going into effect in 2015 but we recognized what was on the horizon for a lot of people and what a headache it could be. So Passport needed someone to become their ACA guru, figure out what the clients needed, figure out what the clients didn’t know they needed and be able to communicate with the programmers to put it all together. Plus I was naive enough about government bureaucracy to volunteer.

BIR: You didn’t know what you’re getting yourself into, did you?

Adam: No not exactly but as it turned out, my curious nature, my engineering nerd background and the customer service and communication skills made me a nice fit. And so I studied the ACA for months, mapped out all the requirements; info we had, info we needed and mapped out how to get those things to the user in a way that was easy to understand. And now it’s great, I get to talk with real-life entrepreneurs, business owners, business managers and when someone calls I know I have the answers for them. So it feels like the best part of a sales position except I don’t actually have to sell.

BIR: That’s awesome. I can hear your passion for this in your voice… you really do have a passion for this?

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