After a Breather Las Vegas Housing Prices Set To Rise in 2019

After a Breather Las Vegas Housing Prices Set To Rise in 2019
“There was a pause in the price of homes sold in Las Vegas during the last quarter of 2018. I think the market just needed a little time to catch its breath and that coincided with the holiday season,” commented Raymond Campbell of Dr Cash Home Buyers, a group of home buyers in Las Vegas. “The preliminary numbers from January and February 2019 are suggesting another strong display of price increases in the 6% to 9% range.”

Other real estate organizations reported median housing prices in Las Vegas increased 9% or $23,000 in 2018. The median average is one in which half the prices are above and half are below, in essence the middle number. As prices rise it is difficult for most markets to maintain the same percentage increase year after year.

The median price of a house at year-end 2018 was $275,000. This compares to a median price of $252,000 at year-end 2017. Five years ago the median price was $185,000. Rental housing saw a 4.6% increase in prices for 2018 ending at $1349. Other real estate services are reporting early first quarter rentals prices of $1495, which is a substantial jump.


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