After Brexit: Dave Birchall UK Entrepreneur Urges ALL Business Owners to Make Sure They Stand Out from The Crowd

Dave Hero shot for BIM 400x400 B transThere are lessons in the UK’s exit from the European Union which finally came to pass following the referendum and many changes are afoot at the top to move forward with planning and extracting the UK from the EU in some shape or form.  

Some prefer a very close link with the EU, similar to that of Norway and others would simply like to be treated just like the USA, Australia and other nations where trade is concerned. 

Those looking at the UK from the outside should not underestimate the UK’s resolve and will to move quickly when it serves its purpose.  (Remember the Falklands.) 

One of the biggest drivers for the way the UK voted was the free movement of labour from any EU Country which has swamped the UK.  Being a small island, the UK has its own problems with housing, school places and health care; but the sudden influx of so many eligible migrants simply crushed the systems and almost brought things to a halt, financially and physically with the inability to build the infrastructure quickly enough to cope with the influx.

David Birchall

Dave Birchall is an Amazon best-selling author, a former Soldier and Police Officer and he has worked with the European Union, University of Salford, University of Central Lancashire and Manchester Metropolitan University as well as many other Non-Governmental Agencies where he designed and delivered Business Development Programmes focusing on Growth and New Product Development where he helped a number of businesses win up to 1 Million Euro of project funding to develop new products under the EU’s Framework Programs.

He was on the Strategic Board of the Cumbria Digital Development Agency in the UK and more recently was a member of the Interim Board and working group that put together the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership where he represented the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).
Recognized expert speaker in Influencer and, Authority Marketing, Personal and Corporate Branding and is a contributing writer to “Business Innovators Magazine” and a Host on “Business Innovators Radio”.

Dave has represented the Federation of Small Businesses on many occasions in sessions with Government Ministers, Local Government, Further Education and Higher Education. He has represented and appeared for the FSB at Government Select Committee Hearings and with the former Regional Development Agencies.