Anacortes Washington Real Estate Expert Jacki Mayo Gives Tips on Preparing to Sell Your Home

Once homeowners decide to sell their home they have lots of things on their mind. They may be buying another home and want to sell their current home quickly. They may also not be sure what steps they should be taking. This is where a good real estate agent can help. Sellers need to follow a process to prepare their home for showing to potential buyers.

Jacki Mayo Managing Broker of The Mayo Home Team in Anacortes, Washington provides some of her best tips on getting ready to sell your home.

BIM: What would you say to someone who asked for tips on preparing their home to sell quickly in a competitive real estate market?

Jacki: The biggest thing is a change in mindset. You must go from the “home mindset” to “house mindset”. The home is the place where you have lived and have memories. It’s also the place where you may have a family that is used to doing all kinds of things in that home. The house is the thing you are selling. It is the product that you are offering a market. You must look at it like a buyer looking for a house. The buyer will want to see certain things and a messy kitchen for example is not one of those things. So, it takes a change in mindset and it takes the family understanding that change in mindset too. Then once you have the mindset in place the hard part is done. From there it’s a matter of implementing certain steps. With that mindset, it’s easier to look at your house and see what a buyer might see and how it might impact their thinking.

Ian Lombardo

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