Skin Care Expert Eti Elison Talks About New Stem Cell Technology for Skin Care

You have probably heard a lot about stem cells in the last year. They have been in the news a lot with innovative new strategies for treating a variety of medical conditions. But one area that has not been addressed as much is the use of stem cell technology for skin and beauty procedures.

We talked to Skin Care expert Eti Elison about the latest stem cell technology for skin care.

BIM: Eti can you tell us about how stem cell technology fits into skin care?

Eti: “Sure. Stem cells are a hot topic in the news for a variety of reasons. There are new innovative technologies being used for macular degeneration and muscular dystrophy for example. Stem cells are a type of cell that has not yet differentiated so it can become any type of cell. This means there is an opportunity to use these cells for a variety of purposes including creating new skin cells. When it comes to skin care there are many products on the market that mention stem cells in their labeling, but in most cases, those stem cells function as antioxidants, growth factors or peptides. But they are not actually affecting the stem cells that are in the skin. That is one way to use stem cell technology but a more powerful way may be to use substances that stimulate your stem cells that are already in your skin.”

BIM: Ok tell us more about stem cells in our own body. Is there a way to activate or stimulate those?

Eti: “Yes, in my skin care procedures I use a product called Tensage Stem Cell Cream formulated with Cellpro technology. It is the only product that I know of that increases the skin’s ability to turn stem cells into new skin cells.  As we age the signaling pathway that tells the stem cell to become a new skin cell begins to breakdown. It does not matter if you use sunscreen or other products to protect the skin. This breakdown is just part of the aging process. Tensage is the only product that I am aware of that actually activates this pathway to help stem cells become new skin cells.”

BIM: What makes the Tensage with Cellpro product able to do this?

Eti: “It uses a snail egg extract that has a signaling protein to activate the stem cell to become a new skin cell. This helps combat signs of aging on the face, neck and neckline. It is a natural substance and the process has been shown to help restore the skin’s integrity and restore the appearance of youthful looking skin.”

BIM: What is the process like to use the product?

Eti: “It’s very simple. It’s a topical skin care product so you just should apply it at regular intervals. As an advanced skin care therapist, I work with my clients to determine the right procedures that will help them improve their skin and provide instructions on how to use Tensage.”

BIM: Are there any other tips on this technology that you can tell us?

Eti: “Often clients don’t see the complete results from great skin care line because they don’t see Skin Care specialists often. As we get older our cell turnover slows down, which leaves our skin with many layers of dead skin. When clients have regular in office treatments with me, I exfoliate that unwanted dead cell layer with different chemical peels and fruit enzymes, resulting with fresh healthier skin, which also helps the penetration of stem cells in the living layers of the skin so it’s more effective.”

BIM: How can people who are interested in learning more about the Tensage product get in touch with you?

Eti: “The best way is my website. The address is: They can also call my office and the phone number is on my website.”

Ian Lombardo

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