As You Wish Pottery Owner Lori Neff Divulges Secrets To Success in Retail

Ken:  I know you’re pretty actively involved in the community. What are some of the events that you have coming up?   

Lori:  We actually do have some big events coming up.  I’m actually going to be presenting a business owner badge for all of the Girl Scouts, that’s a badge that junior levels can earn.  It’s a very difficult badge for them to earn and I decided to pull the program together.  I’m doing that personally. 

Then we have a Mother’s Day event that’s coming up.  We just recently did all of these little prints, where you take the impression of your little person’s hand in clay.  We did all of that for Mother’s Day.  We have a Daddy/Daughter Date Night coming up.  That’s always fun for the dads and the daughters just to get together and spend one-on-one time together.  We also have Home School Socials.  We always have so much going on. 

Ken:  It sounds like there’s something happening all the time.  How can people reach you, Lori? 

Lori:  They can actually reach me via my email.  That’s 

Ken:  Okay.  Anything else you want to add, Lori? 

Lori:  No.  I think that covers it.  Thank you, Ken. 

Ken:  All right.  Thank you for being on the show.  I appreciate it.  We’ve been talking to Lori Neff from As You Wish Pottery, a seven location retail entertainment outlet that helps people get in touch with their creative side and spend quality time with their family and friends.  Lori, I want to thank you for being on the show today and we’ll talk to you next time. 

Lori:  Thank you, Ken, and what color is your fun? 

Ken:  What color is my fun?  That’s an interesting question.  My fun?  Gosh, I would say blue because it’s my favorite color, but blue doesn’t remind me of fun.  I’d say probably like a bright red. 

Lori:  There you go.  That’s our slogan that we like to use, what color is your fun? 

Ken:  Thanks, Lori. 

Ken Sherman

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