Larry Jack From JAX Pro Pest Control Uncovers Answers About Bedbugs

bedbug-exterminator-phoenixYou’ve heard the saying night night don’t let the bedbugs bite…well that’s no joke in Larry Jack’s world.

Larry is the owner of JAX Pro Pest Control serving the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. He has been involved in pest control since 1988 and specializes in a growing problem here in the United States, the rise of bedbugs.

In this interview Larry explains what bedbugs are, how someone might get bedbugs, and more importantly, how they get rid of them.

QUESTION: How did you get involved in bedbug control?

LARRY JACK: Well it started 10 years ago being involved in the pest control industry. We have several hospitals and nursing homes and medical facilities we provide pest control services for locally and we started getting calls about bedbug infestations in commercial applications like this.

When we recognized the growing problem, we immediately began researching solutions and attending trainings on controlling bedbugs. One of the resources we found was a Dr. Austin M. Frishman with Purdue University. He’s been in pest control since the 40’s and has multiple degrees in etymology and toxicology; he’s really the expert that all of us pest control companies look to. His research was instrumental in eradicating bedbugs for decades through the use of DDT.

Ken Sherman

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