“Ashton Kutcher Is a Great Example of How We Can Be the Change We Want to See in the World,” Says Ulrika Lorenz, Founder of the Non-Profit Do Good Now Global

“Ashton Kutcher Is a Great Example of How We Can Be the Change We Want to See in the World,” Says Ulrika Lorenz, Founder of the Non-Profit Do Good Now Global
In 2009 Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore co-founded Thorn, a non-profit that fights child sex exploitation and trafficking. Last year alone, Thorn worked on identifying nearly 6,000 child victims of human sex trafficking.

In 2017, Kutcher gave a speech during a hearing at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he told the committee about the work he and his organization were doing. “I’ve been on FBI raids where I’ve seen things that no person should ever see,” Kutcher said.

 “Ashton Kutcher is a great example of how anybody can become the change they want to see in the world,” says Ulrika Lorenz, founder of Do Good Now Global, a non-profit with a mission to fight child sex trafficking.

“Although I passionately support many causes, perhaps the cause closest to my heart is that of human trafficking. I first became aware of the issue after hearing about Thailand’s karaoke bars and brothels and the young girls who had been trafficked there against their will”, says Lorenz.

Lorenz added that “My short-term goals include raising awareness about how pornography and prostitution are the causes of human trafficking and sex slavery. By making men, in particular, more aware of how engaging in these practices inadvertently supports the abuse of women and girls, I hope to influence them to stop engaging in these activities.”

To raise awareness about the sex trafficking fight campaign and how we can all contribute to making a change, Lorenz has partnered with The Poodles, a famous Swedish rock band, for a series of concerts along the Western Coast of Sweden this August. All the money raised are used to fund a bed and breakfast in Nepal, run by rescued victims of human trafficking.

“It is important that those girls become self-sufficient, rather than relying on donations and haveing no control over their income. The event we did together with The Poodles helped us a lot on our journey towards meeting this goal. We raised lots of awareness and raised a part of the money needed for the building of the bed-and-breakfast. But the most important thing is that we showed that anybody could do something to support a cause they believe in. Just stop thinking about it and do something instead, anything. Of course that Ashton Kutcher and the Poodles have the notoriety benefit, but we don’t have to be a celebrity to take action, any small action matters,” says Lorenz.

“I want to get Do Good Now’s message into the eyes, ears, and hands of as many people in the world as I can, so my ultimate vision can be realized: a world without human trafficking, prostitution, and sex slavery. I want all women and girls to be able to live in freedom, and enjoy their childhood, so they can become the change they wish to see in the world”, Lorenz concluded.

For more information about Ulrika Lorenz, her work on fighting sex trafficking and how you can help, visit  https://www.dogoodnowglobal.com .


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