Vivienne Neale Reveals Secrets Of Freelance Revolution In Book “Create, Work, Earn”

Vivienne Neale Reveals Secrets Of Freelance Revolution In Book "Create, Work, Earn"
Vivienne K Neale, Founder of VKN Digital, presents “Create, Work, Earn”, a book based on her own business experience and that of her 10+ successful co-authors. The book champions the opportunity to explore self-employment curiosity and build an abundant business and lifestyle.

Self-employment in the UK hit 4.8 million in 2017 totalling 15% of the total workforce, with numbers rising daily. The rapid growth and the growing number of studies on self-employment around the world reinforces the trend. Self-employed people are championing job growth in recent years and said to be driving the UK’s employment and economic recovery.
“Create, Work, Earn” shows how to start and sustain a business to support those choosing to enter the freelance revolution. The book reveals the truth behind how to create and sustain a business and to rewrite the story and hand life has dealt, sharing exactly what self-employment and freelancing truly entails.
Through case studies and original theory, the book explores topics such as finding clients, delivering results and surviving the feast or famine cycle. The book is ideal for freelancers at any stage of their business whether new or already established. “Create, Work, Earn” was created to show self-employed people, or those considering the option, the correct mindset and practical tools required to design a thriving freelance business.
The author, Vivienne K Neale, is a Marketing Strategist and Founder of VKN Digital Ltd based in Doncaster, UK. In 2011, Vivienne became a Marketing Director and has spent the past two years building her own marketing agency, VKN Digital, focusing on both traditional and digital marketing for technology, small companies and a wide range of industries.
Author, Vivienne K Neale, states, “I created this book to show freelancers they don’t need to wait for something good to happen. It’s easier than they think to make incredible things happen when you have the right practical advice and mindset to help you get to where you need to be.” Neale continues, “Don’t live the life that is handed to you. It’s time to rewrite your story.”
Neale has 30 years experience working within roles including communications, publishing, education, training and as a writer. She is a children’s book author, a writer for Hodder Headline and has been featured previously in media outlets including The Evening Standard, TES and The Independent. Neale leads the Northern Creative Arts Community, a brand new venture hosting courses to help freelancers start their business. She brings lessons from the courses and those of her own career experiences into the book.
For a limited time, the book “Create, Work, Earn” can be pre-ordered at for £11.19. After publication in October 2018, it will be available at £13.99.
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