Author and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer Nataisha Ramirez Talks Getting Fit and Living Healthy


Nataisha Adivarunner Ramirez shares how to unlock the secrets of successfully living healthy.  In this interview you will learn the do’s and don’ts when it comes to achieving your personal weight loss goals and you will get tips on how to get started on your path.  Find out how its possible for anyone to get in shape and live a healthy life as Nataisha speaks from her own personal experience, transforming her life from over 400lbs into a sought after certified personal trainer.

JW. Who are your fitness influences?

NR. My current professional fitness influence is Dana Lynn Bailey.  She is a professional bodybuilder.  However,  I am influenced by black women who strive to take care of their health .  I admire how they carry themselves in a manner that you don’t have to ask them, it shows in their demeanor.

JW. When did you first become interested in fitness & How did you get into this business?

NR. I have always worked out in the gym but my interest heightened when I began my journey to live healthy in 2005.  In June 2012 I decided I was ready to help other women who struggle with their weight and I obtained my Personal Trainer Certification.

JW. What is the most significant fitness project you have been involved in so far?

NR. The most significant fitness project I was involved in was Healthy Sistahs Rock with Inspired Sistah. This was a one day healthy retreat. This organization deals with the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of living a healthy lifestyle for women.

JW. Tell us more about Size Healthy & What exactly is AFAA Certification?

NR. Size Healthy is a faith based program for women who desire to live healthy.  It’s not a diet but a transformation of the mind, body and spirit through 4 steps.  Size Healthy digs up the issues of the heart that we, as women, suppress and cover up with addictions such as food, sex and drugs.  AFAA is Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. They provide certifications for personal training, group exercise and specialty workshops.

JW. What is your prospects greatest or most common issue they are faced with when beginning their journey to healthy living?

NR. My prospects biggest issue is changing their mindset. Most are already stuck in their old ways and trying to make a change is an obstacle for them.

JW. What are the 2-3 most common questions your clients ask when getting started on their path to healthy living?

NR. The most common questions I get asked are: How can I lose my stomach?  How long will it take?  Is eating healthy expensive?

JW. What is the most common “DO It Yourself” solution your prospects might try?

NR. One of the most common “Do it yourself” methods that many people try is starving themselves by eating one meal a day , exercising to the extreme and eating bad food!

JW. A lot of people think losing weight is impossible and at a certain point there is no hope.  What are your thoughts on this common perception?

NR. I believe that everyone can lose weight if they change their mindset. You will not lose 15 lbs in one month, but with hard work and consistency you will get close to it.  You must find what works for you and go with that because not everything works for everybody.  Everyones plan of action is YOUnique.

JW. How can someone who is obese lose the weight and keep it off without major surgery?

NR. Taking it one day at a time and finding what works for them. Eating the right amount of calories and exercising regularly. Changing up their routine often so that their body doesn’t get used to doing one thing over and over again.

JW. What are some roadblocks and how can they affect your progress?  

Size Healthy works from the inside/out.  There is a reason why we eat when we are upset or when we are not hungry at all. Size Healthy deals with those issues that have been suppressed .  First , get some background information. Secondly, I develop a suggested nutritional plan for them and a fitness routine. I encourage them to drink at least 64oz of water a day.  Eventually, I would prefer them to consume  half their bodyweight in ounces.  EX: 240lbs = 120 oz of water.  They measure every 2 weeks and weigh in once a month. We meet twice a week and talk via text or phone a couple of times a week.

JW. How important is diet compared to exercise?

NR. Diet is very important. You can not out exercise a bad diet. So ,if you eat junk and expect results you will find it difficult and disappointing.  It’s 80% what you eat and 20% what you do.

JW. What about workout programs like p90x and diets like Atkins?  That’s a good way to do it, right?

NR. Every program works as long as you work with the program and don’t expect the program to do all the work.  You get out what you put in.

JW. Do you think that one workout style is superior? (Cardio vs. Weight Training vs. HIIT (high –intensity interval training)?

NR. I believe each has it’s part in an individual’s goal.  Cardio is great for weight loss and getting your heart rate up.  Weight training is great for building muscle and losing fat.  HIIT does both weight loss and build in a short amount of time with intensity.  No workout style is superior, it just depends what works for the individual!

JW. What do you feel are the top three things someone must do in order to improve their personal fitness?

NR. The top three things someone must do in order to improve their personal fitness is have a made up mind, nutrition and exercise.

JW. What is your advice to anyone looking to become a fitness coach or start a personal coaching business?

NR. My advice is to identify your target population and begin marketing your business. The best way to market is your target population. People are visual beings and they want to see who you have worked with so before and after pictures are the best marketing tool. Be honest and an open book. Don’t tell your target population to do something that you yourself are not willing to follow through with . You must use your own product.  If you don’t use it then don’t expect your target population to do so. Last but not least, you have to understand what your target population is going through.

JW. Why would working with a professional, like yourself,  greatly improve their chances for success?

NR. I have been through it. Being honest, it took me 7 years to lose the weight. I know what works and  what doesn’t. I don’t sell products. I believe in developing a lifestyle and not living a diet.

JW. What is the magic formula for success?

NR. The Magic Formula to success is staying hungry! How bad you want it will determine how far you will go! The Sky’s the limit!

I think it is safe to say that this interview with Nataisha Adivarunner Ramirez has given everyone some helpful tips on how to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle.  As she stated in the interview “It is possible for ANYONE to get healthy and get in great shape”.   After reading this interview our hope is that everyone believes that changing your mindset and way of thinking when it comes to diet and exercise will set the tone for success in healthy living!

JW. To wrap this up; What is the one thing that someone must consider to successfully transform his or her health and get the results and the body that they want?

NR. The thing you should keep in mind when attempting to successfully transform your body is, it is a process.  You have good days and bad days, so don’t give up!  Keep pushing and you will see the results!

John Watkins

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